Spiros quit Planet Cazmo

Today I decided to quit Planet Cazmo.This was a hard choice but it doesn’t matter because I was bored of planetcazmo and the drama that happened. The reasons why I quit:

  1. Planet Cazmo banned me for ever
  2. All cazmos say that I deleted mick’s and whyse’s site. This isnt the truth , I told you the truth but you dont believe me
  3. All the people who play planetcazmo want to be famous and they are making sites
  4. Were all kids and teens who play, why do we get banned?It’s just a game for fun, they can atleast ban you for a month not forever!
  5. I wasted alot of time playing this game, the goals were to get good views and become famous but it never happened for many reasons.

I liked planetcazmo in the old days much more.Thanks for everyone who was visiting my site, chatting with me and playing planetcazmo with me.

Bye for ever!!!