Soulja Boy Cazmo Accesories & New NPC

Hello cazmo gentlements and cazmo ladies!

Another day of fresh updates came and Spiros is here for posting the latest news about planetcazmo. So lets begin the updates i will show you are: soulja boy clothes(glasses,cup,shoes) and the new NPC player.

Lets begin from the cool hot deals which are updated in the hotdeals thing in the newspaper. The picture below show the new soulja boy items you can buy only with cazmo cash and the two new Mimo items:


Also there is a new NPC(NON PLAYING CHARACTER) at the Caz Rox Cafe that you can buy from him CD’s of the famous singers that had concert on PlanetCazmo or some clothes. Here is a picture of him:

new npc player at caz rox cafe

And here is a picture from beta omer of Soulja Boy’s concert:


thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Soulja Boy Concert this Friday & Saturday

A remember invitation card toremember to come to the Soulja Boy Concert This Weekend!Read below the time of the 2 concerts performances.