Cool New Updates!

Hello guys, tampos here!

As of last night, tons of new things are live! Here is a quick run down:

  • Mayor Cazmo’s Magical Mystery Quest – our first quest! Play it to the end and win a special prize!
  • Player Cards! – expand the player card and shop for a cool background!
  • New House Furniture – tons of it! And it’s SLICK!
  • Account Settings – block trade and buddy requests!

Planet Cazmo

“Spread the World!”

For first loading sign have a new look.

New toolbar with more……

New card with shops.

There is a room for Philippe and Pierre.

Now you can find your budies.

New cool backgrounds.

New skateboards.

New houses items.

I am post soon for new newspaper!!

That is all for now.

Prototype sketches of new rooms!

Following post is from

The outside of the fitness centre:

A Skate Park!

I got these pictures from Fungi160’s blog and I have no idea where he got them!

Also heres a link to an old post that shows a third room to come and a picture of the inside of the fitness centre! :

That is all.


In the post office now there is a pigeon and say : Cazmo of the day coming soon. If anyone knows what is the cazmo of the day comment!

Sp!Ro5 – PCAP002

My High Score on Xboardin

WordPress logins made more secure than most online bank accounts

Positive Networks announced that PhoneFactor, its phone-based authentication technology, is available as a free plug-in to WordPress, the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world.

With PhoneFactor, WordPress’ hundreds of thousands of bloggers can protect their sites from unauthorized access – thus protecting their reputation and their readers. PhoneFactor makes WordPress logins more secure than most online bank accounts.

The PhoneFactor plug-in adds a second form of authentication to WordPress administrative logins. Bloggers log in to WordPress with their user name and password (just like they do today) and instantly they get a call. They answer the call and press # to complete their WordPress log in. A hacker would need to know the blogger’s log in information and have physical possession of their phone to log in.

Since the PhoneFactor call is made only if the correct user name and password are entered, if a user gets a call when they are not logging in it means their log in information has been compromised. By entering 911#, they can instantly reset their password – essentially locking their WordPress account.

Club Penguin Vs Planet Cazmo

Hello guys today i found one very interesting video on here is video

Have fun!


“Important” VERY Important…

Hello Cazmo’s!

Hello Cazmos, Nado here! Nolaurator has started a VERY important job for Planet Cazmo. Guess what? YOU can help! What hes doing is trying to get to put Planet Cazmo on their games list!That would be GREAT If this works, we could get maybe even Millions more users! Just Imagine…lol. We need your HELP to email Miniclip @

Just Imagine……….

Until then…

See you around!

~Nado~ 😆