Jordin Sparks concert at the beach! Awesome….O.o

Hey Cazmos! The Jordin sparks concert was AWESOME! She sang maybe four songs. If u hadnt had a chance to see her, heres pix Kokee had taken!

Hope u like ‘em!


Kokeeto Signutare

Souleo Updates! YAY…!

Another hey goes today for you guys lol :lol

Well lets start talking about the updates they are too many and thats why i made two posts one post is below this the planetcazmo chaning name feauture and the other updates here.

So lets start from the new clothes:

new planetcazmo clothes

The second update for today are the new planetcazmo surfboards to surf on the game! Coolio…

new planetcazmo surfboards

The third update goes to Souleo Update on the newspaper! Its a page in the newspaper which when you click it you see a video for Soulja Boy with some pictures of him!

souleo videos

And here is the video of The Planet Cazmo Souleo Report/ -Ne-Yo Interview:

Finnaly the latest update goes to the SUPER stage for Jordin Sparks concert which will be showing on at the beach TODAY 7PM – 12AM EST and Saturday noon – midnight EST:

Jordin Sparks stage

Change your and your pet & planetcazmo name available now!

Hey cazmoOoOoOoOooo5 bubble time, like dollar time and other symbols you can but in your new name!!! Yes you heard right there is a new planetcazmo change your name feauture and symbols are available!!!So be sure to get now your name before its too late and planetcazmo fix it RUN!

You can change your account at: and by clicking the change the name feauture which is with a blue cazmo chair button, here are the pics:

change your name feauture

change your name feauture2

And Also you can change your cazmo pet name, how? Just follow the steps in the following picture i made for you guys:

change your pets name feauture

Thats all for now check the above post for the 100 cazmo cash contest 😉

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

MJ Tribute & 4th of July Cazmo Party!

Hello cazmo gentlemants and cazmo ladies, cazmo boys and cazmo girls

Ambassador Spiros in another post for your latest news from all over the big planet our Cazmo! Today is 3th of july and tomorrow is 4 of july so planetcazmo 4th july’s updates are here, and also as we all know that Michael Jackson died last week so Planet Cazmo is paying homage to the king of pop all weekend long.To honor his life, Michael Jackson pictures and videos are showing in the cazmo-rena.

Great updates but lets first start from the first thing you see when you log in, which is the planet cazmo map that you will see two new sings located at the map: The Michael Jackson’s Tribute Sign and the July 4th Fireworks Sign

fireworks and mj

And now lets zoom in the july 4th fireworks sign, and what you see now? AWESOME FIREWORKS….!!!Happy 4th of July! Planet Cazmo is celebrating 4th of July and Town and beach are decorated with special flags of america,hats and fireworks for this special event!Here are pictures of the decorates in beach and in town:

fireworks at beach

4 July

And the third update is the king of pop(Michael Jackson) tribute at the cazmo arena to rememer his cool dancing moves and his awesome pop songs!

michael jackson tribute2

And finally the special July 4th themed items which are in sale  in the Hot Deals section of the newspaper or in the shops skateshop and in the beach shop. Here is a picture of them:

4th july sales

These all the updates i have to show to you for now, and dont forget to join us this weekend on the Cazmo beach for decorations and fireworks celebrating the birthday of the United States!!!

See you in planetcazmo guys,

Your Friend Spiros


Updates are here, With Jet Packs, Skate Park, and the David Archuleta Concert!

David Archuleta had his Cazmo Concert Today, and will have another one Tomorrow, From 12 A.M. to 12 P.M. (Playing every hour from the hour.)
CazRoxCafe Ticket

Also, The Jet Packs, and the Skate Park are here, One Jet Packs is for 60 Cazmo Cash, and the other one is for 10,000 Cazmo Coins. Ps: The Skate Park doesn’t have a Mimo Sign and you can where the Playground and the NBA court are. It’s a really cool place to skateboarding around and buy skateboards.
JetPacks SkatePark

Spiros Edit:

Also I want to thank the members beta omer and jesuz for posting the updates because i couldnt come yesterday because of different time zones(for me the concert yesterday the night was 5 am for me…and was too late to wake up!)

Anyway there is a new concert for those who havent see it like me, and there is a and a new cazmo of the week, click more to see the new cazmo of the week…

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Beach Updates!

Hello everyone. Summer’s here I’m for that, got my rubber sandals, got my straw hat got my cold beer I’m just glad that it’s here. Its from a song for those who dont know lol. Most of you out of school and summer has came to Planet Cazmo too.There Is a hige sign for the Party on the Map.

There Is a new Beach Shop, you can get Into the shop by clicking the Shops Icon on chat bar or from the beach. If your a boy you have boys suits and If your a girl you have girls suits. You can have suits fr0m the other kind.

Also Planet Cazmo added something very cool to the Beach. If you go to the Raft at the Beach there Is a new water slide. After you go on It you splashs Into the water lol.

– Ambassador Beta Omer

Cazmo Of The Week

Hello cazmos, The 34th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………GAMEBOY

So If you see him say: Congratz GAMEBOY for being the 34th cazmo of the week!

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

New Cazmo Of The Week!

Hello cazmos, The 33th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………liam123

So If you see him say: Congratz liam123 for being the 33th cazmo of the week!

cazmo of the week 33

In some days a new contest is coming and i want  all of you to comment and say how you will like the contest to be, some of my and other cazmos ideas are the most popular which is commenting contest, quess the picture and lotto… Comment all your ideas about how you want the contest to be!

thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

New swfs in the PCS page!

Hello cazmos,

Today I updated the pcs page with some new swfs. I  added 3 new games swfs the Headshire,Gammabros and the Vote O Rama. I have also added some planetcazmo towns like the two soulja boy titles, the rockcafe and the track.

If your aren’t a member of PCS team and you want to be one of the 100 members visit:

Have a nice day 🙂

-Ambassador Spiros-

Ciara Coming To The Cazmo-Rena!

Hey guys. Ciara in concert at the Cazmo-Rena this Saturday May 2nd.
I’ll try come to the first show and I’ll take pictures to put here, for those who can’t come to the concert.


Also all Cazmos that visit this weekend’s Ciara’s Concert will receive the FIRST EVER Planet Cazmo special concert ticket, showing YOU went to the special event!


You can go to her YouTube channel to see some of her music videos.
Hope you meet you all there in Ciara’s Concert!
– Ambassador Beta Omer