Souleo Updates! YAY…!

Another hey goes today for you guys lol :lol

Well lets start talking about the updates they are too many and thats why i made two posts one post is below this the planetcazmo chaning name feauture and the other updates here.

So lets start from the new clothes:

new planetcazmo clothes

The second update for today are the new planetcazmo surfboards to surf on the game! Coolio…

new planetcazmo surfboards

The third update goes to Souleo Update on the newspaper! Its a page in the newspaper which when you click it you see a video for Soulja Boy with some pictures of him!

souleo videos

And here is the video of The Planet Cazmo Souleo Report/ -Ne-Yo Interview:

Finnaly the latest update goes to the SUPER stage for Jordin Sparks concert which will be showing on at the beach TODAY 7PM – 12AM EST and Saturday noon – midnight EST:

Jordin Sparks stage

Surf Boards Are Here, Beta Testers Badge And Kristina Debrage’s Concert!


Hello everyone. This week Planet Cazmo updated a little bit early like before. So today the update was SURFBOARDS! I really love surfing In real too so I really like this update. You can buy yourself surfboards at the Beach Shop. After you buy a surfboard you can go anywhere with water and surf!


Also a few weeks ago I told Planet Cazmo about my Idea for Beta Tester badge, and now Its here! So thanks Planet Cazmo for making my Idea real. Now all beta testers have their own Beta User on the Player Card.

Beta Tester Badge

Also tomorrow Kristina debrage will have a cocert at the Caz Rox Cafe. Rigth now theres a countdown clock at the Caz Rox Cafe of how much time left until the first concert.

Countdown clock

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