Cazmo Of The Week!

Hello cazmos, The 37th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………flamekiker

So If you see him say: Congratz flamekiker for being the 37th cazmo of the week!

cazmo of the week 37

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Blog Of The Week!

Its Monday and like every monday a new blog of the week from the blog of the week page will appear on a post in my site. This Monday the winner is…..

Drumroll please…..

And the winner is….Paris007

Cogratsulations Paris007 of being the first ever planetcazmo blogger of the week, Here is what she commented in the page:

mine is nt tat gd ..but iwant to be blog of d weeek:)
merci spiros

And she said mine isnt that good but remember that dont count for me and for the contest, you only have to sing up and wait till your site will appear on a post.

Do you want to be a blog of the week too? Click here

Sing up for the Blog of the week

Hello cazmos,

Today I made a new page the blog of the week! It will be like cazmo of the week, cadet of the week but this will be better because it wont be only one thrown but a link to your site and your name to get more views(hits). For more information

Click on the following picture or visit the page on the slidebar which is called ”Blog of the Week(new!)”

blog of the week picture

Also if your a fan of optical illusions i made a page at my spirosweb site and it has many illusions to see, and because i am good i will let you to see one from here which is obama illusion:

For the below picture follow the instructions:

  1. Concentrate on the illusion you see in the middle of the illusion of the picture(the three white dots are) for about 35-40 seconds
  2. Then take a look at any white wall and start blinking your eyes
  3. A picture now is starting to appear on the wall, continue blinking
  4. What do you see? THE PRESIDENT OF AMERICA! WOW I SAW OBAMA ON THE WALL.. PS: Dont tell this to anyone because they will call you crazy!

obama illusion

For more nice illusions like this one visit

~Ambassador Spiros~