Jessie James Concert & Updates

Hello Cazmonians 8)

Quess whos here? Hint: It is starting with S… dont find it? then your a blond lol ahahaha! Anyway Yesterday I came from my vacanation and I am so sad i am back but so happy that i had a nice time with my family and make some new friends on the ship…My vacanation was for 7 days but I wanted to be more because it was an awesome vacanation and I won and 530 euros from the casino machines! As I said to you before my vacanation the trip was to 6 greek islands: Agios Nikolaos(Kriti),Kerkyra,Xania(Kriti),Kalamata,Rhodos and Kws.

Lets start talk for the planetcazmo updates…..

First the Jessie Concert was just awesome and it was located in the beach with a nice stage! As you can see on the below picture i took from the concert is what i feel for jessie james lol:

jessie james concert

And now for updates, there are new surfboards,new shoes and a new video in the newspaper videos page,scroll down for pictures of each update:

In the below picture you can see the new surfboard which are and for non cc and for cc:

new surfboards

And here are the new shoes which are for cazmo cash and my favourite one is the white:

new shoes

That is the jessie james planetcazmo interview video on the planetcazmo newspaper page souleo videos:

jessie james interview video

See you soon guys…

~Ambassador Spiros~

Pets we all waiting for them came and new cool shoes!

Hello cazmos,

The pets we all have been waiting for them are finnaly here!YES YOU HEARD WELL the pets are here!!!!Go to pet shop and buy one pet egg now,also don’t forget to buy and the supplies to feed your pet!


Also there are new shoes, check them at clothing shop they are awesome! Here is a picture of the new and cool shoes:


Also a new music video is coming in February! Keep checking my site for more information about it.

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร