Planet Cazmo Cheats And Glitches

New Planet Cazmo Cheats And Glitches:

Stand on water with a vehicle

To stand on water with a verchicle you must follow these steps:

  • Go somewhere that there is water(eg: lake,beach etc.)
  • Put your surfboard on.
  • While your on the water with your surfboard open your ”my stuff” inventory and put a vehicle on, and then put your surfboard off.
  • Close the ”mystuff” window and dont move
  • Now if you did correct all the steps you must standing on the water

Float at The Strip or at Race Track

If you want to float at the Strip or at the Race Track you only need to follow these 2 steps:

  • Open your Map and then click the Strip, then 2 rooms will appear the Strip and the Race Track. No matter what room you will click this is your choice.
  • When the room will load go to your stuff inventory and take off your car.

After doing these 2 easy steps you will be floating at the strip or at the race track. Have fun with this cheat at the strip and tell it to your friends.

Stand on any ramp at the Skate Park:

For standing on any ramp at the Skate Park you must follow these 3 steps:

  • Open your Map and click the playground and then click the skate park which is at the middle of the other three rooms.
  • Find a ramp(eg: the blue one)
  • click on the ramp you selected many times in the middle until your standing on the ramp.

Old Planet Cazmo Cheats And Glitches:

Walk on a house

  1. Click the house
  2. Choose a house and click visit
  3. Go behind the house
  4. Click on it


  1. Open the map
  2. Go somewhere
  3. Go as far as you can below the bar

Extra money

  1. Open the map
  2. Go to a room with trees.
  3. Click on the trees in the area
  4. If one shakes you have money tree

Catch the ninja outfit

  1. Play the game ninja skatebording
  2. You must get 35,000 points before the game ends
  3. Use A, Z and space to get more points

Catch the snowsuit

  1. Play the game X’boardin
  2. You must get 15,000 points before the game ends
  3. Use A , Z and space to get more points

How to long with 2 or more accounts!(planetcazmo fixed it)

  1. Open two tabs and go to
  2. Open the first tab
  3. Log in with your account
  4. Open the second tab
  5. Log in with your other account
  6. Now you can play planetcazmo with more accounts !

Stand on the roof of theater, postoffice,skateshop,mall,townhall

  1. Go to the back side of the building
  2. Click on the building
  3. You should stand on the roof

Changing your account

  1. Make an account
  2. Planetcazmo will send you an email with a link to create your cazmo
  3. Copy the link
  4. Go to this link make your cazmo
  5. And then open a new window and login with your cazmo
  6. If you dont like your cazmo just paste the link at the top of the screen and make it better

Clone cheat(planetcazmo fixed it)

Go to a room that has a bench that you can sit on as in , sit on the bench by clicking on it, then click on the map and click on the same room you’re in and there should be two of you, one sitting on the bench and the other in your control! Note: this glitch can NOT be seen by other cazmos, you will appear invisible to them.(they fixed it)

Walk on the clubcazmo’s walls

If you want to make this cheat you must keep clicking at the top right but first right click.When you make that you will walking on the walls!

Stand on the garage’s walls

Open the map and go to the skateshop. Then go inside the skateshop and open the games and play a random game. When the game says Play/Instructions exit the game.You will stand on the garage’s walls but you cant walk.

Underfined glitch

Log on the planetcazmo , then go somewhere which have benches or swings in the mall.Sit on the swings or on the benches.Open a new Internet tab and write in adress .Log in with the same cazmo that you used before.On the first tab you will see Connection Lost Please Log In Again and click OK. Open the second tab go to there that you sit on the swings or on the benches. Now you can see underfined names on the swings or on the benches.You can do this many times.

Walk on the post office walls

If you want to walk on the post office walls you must go to the top right corner if postoffice and then go straight ( click up) , you should be walking on the walls.

Trade cheat

Trade on 2 players card fast.If the players accept you can see the players in one trade.But only you can see it, other players can only see you.

How to be Bald in Mini Breakin

Wear a hat then click and play the game and you should be bald in Mini Breakin.

Nature Planet Cazmo music

log on to planet cazmo, then turn the sound on your computer all the way down. You should then he nature music.

Invisimble space buggy in Cazmonaut

To have an invisable space buggy in the game cazmonaut, play the game and when the game starts, don’t do anything.

No one ask you to trade cheat

Click the 3 dimonds(your settings) and then lock the trade requests.

No one ask you to add him/her as buddy

Click the 3 dimonds(your settings) and then lock the buddy requests.

Sing up for cazmo of the week

Go to the inside of the post office, and talk to the peugot(bird) thats inside. Click on it and click that you want to sign up to be cazmo of the week.

Talk while reading the newspaper

Write something in the chatbar and then open the newspaper,then press tab and enter.

How to find out about updates that are coming soon

If you want to learn about updates that are coming in the feauture you can send email to: and talk with the moderators or the developers of the game. You may get reply if you asked them nicely…

Change your clothes, but they stay the same

To do this sit on one of the chairs in the dinner, change your clothes, and exit the clothes window, and you will be wearing the same thing you wore before you changed.

New newspaper and torgo’s fish is growing up!

Hello cazmos,

There is a new and updated newspaper today and have a new topic about the 2 part of the  ”Rescue the Mods”  quest and is saying to go to talk to the ZIB’S at the Town Hall for the latest part of the quest!

Here is how the new newspaper look:


As you know from the new newspaper the second part of the quest released and now ZIBS are located to the Town Hall. When you will go to the Town Hall the Zib there will ask you some questions and it will tell you to go to pet store and buy some yogurt chips from the NPC there for the torgo’s fish. Don’t forget to feed with yogurt chips everyday and the fish will growing…and you will be one step closer to complete all the new Quest! Here is the torgo’s fat fish 😆


In other news, I want to thank you all you visited my mini city from the before post and from 21 views now i have 50, thank you all very much 🙂

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Random site found by chance


Yesterday I visited a friend’s site and I took and a look to his blogroll , the first site was a site called built your mini city and I clicked to see what it means that…The blogroll link took me to an interesting site and it was saying to you how to create a mini city, I selected the name and the country for the city and I created it.How the city work? As more people come to this city more popular will be and more buildings will build, you are not aloude to built it.The name of my city is Spirosland and is created in Cyprus which is my country.

Click here to visit my mini city

Please help to advertise this mini city, so it will be more popular and it will build more buldings!

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

New outside decorate items are coming & another pet picture

Hello cazmos,

New outside items are coming soon to decorate outside your house! Here is a sneak peak:


And here is another picture with all the cazmo pets which are coming very soon:


Also check Planet Cazmo EBN for advanced notation to see if the pets came( The EBN it’s a widget on the slidebar at the right)

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

let it rock-kevin rudolf music video

Hello cazmos,

As you know from the latest posts, I have made a youtube channel for planetcazmo and that a new video is coming soon…The video I promised to you to come is here, and it’s a music video called let it rock by kevin rudolf(planetcazmo version) I said to some cazmos before some days that the music video was uploading and it’s true but the quality of the video wasn’t nice ,i fixed it and I uploaded it again. Here is my first  video in the youtube channel betacazmo:

If your a member of youtube don’t forget to rate , subscribe and feel free to comment what do you think about my music video )

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Planet Cazmo Monthly Update Newslatter!
Monthly Update Newsletter!

HEADLINES – Help Save Jeff and Torgo!   The new Quest has arrived!

Greetings from Planet Cazmo!
The time has come in case you haven’t heard!!!!!(shhhhh!). We are calling on every Cazmo! We need your help! Go talk to Mama Caz outside the hair & hat shop, and start the new Quest to help save our beloved moderators (who as you may know, were abducted by suspicious aliens sometime ago!) Viva La Resistance!

New Features

Its still the giving season on Planet Cazmo. Cazmos who are seen helping out new players,or performing random acts of kindness, will be randomly awarded random surprise gifts! The gifts will be changing all the time, so be good all the time! Did we mention they will be random?

“I got some NEW shoes on ….”
Stop by Peter Panda’s Clothing Shop and buy a new pair of shoes! Straight from the cobbler to your Cazmo’s feet!

New Cell Phone Skins for Members!
Check ’em out at Phrux’s store in Town Square in the next day or so!:
We are excited to announce that Planet Cazmo is now accepting PayByCash, one of the leading forms of payment online and for online games! We hope this makes many of you happy!

Coming Soon – PETS!!!!!!
We have been working very hard acquiring rare and exotic alien pet lifeforms from across the galaxy in need of homes … for all Cazmos! Many of you have asked if there will be pets for non-members. The answer is … yes! But indeed, most will be for members only. Become a Cazmo Member today and help support Cazmo, and soon you will have access to these super cool new pets!

The Zibs arrived at the Town Hall+an underworld sneak peak

Hello cazmos,

The Zibs have arrived at the Town Hall today and we still wait some weeks so all the cazmos can notice the new quest and complete it and then the part 2 of the quest will begin! Here is a picture:


This sneak peak image has been out for a while but I thought ut would be nice if I shared it with all of you! We are going to be able to buy a submarine, go into the underwater world and play a new game that is coming! Go ahead post it in your site and give me a credit!

Here is the underworld sneak peak:


Also if you haven’t complete the new quest click here for the quest guide! Oh yea and my new channel for planet cazmo is ready to begin making videos, a new music video is on the way 🙂

-Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร!