Updates are here, With Jet Packs, Skate Park, and the David Archuleta Concert!

David Archuleta had his Cazmo Concert Today, and will have another one Tomorrow, From 12 A.M. to 12 P.M. (Playing every hour from the hour.)
CazRoxCafe Ticket

Also, The Jet Packs, and the Skate Park are here, One Jet Packs is for 60 Cazmo Cash, and the other one is for 10,000 Cazmo Coins. Ps: The Skate Park doesn’t have a Mimo Sign and you can where the Playground and the NBA court are. It’s a really cool place to skateboarding around and buy skateboards.
JetPacks SkatePark

Spiros Edit:

Also I want to thank the members beta omer and jesuz for posting the updates because i couldnt come yesterday because of different time zones(for me the concert yesterday the night was 5 am for me…and was too late to wake up!)

Anyway there is a new concert for those who havent see it like me, and there is a and a new cazmo of the week, click more to see the new cazmo of the week…

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