100000 betacazmo hits contest

Hello cazmo ladies and cazmo gentlemen, cazmo boys and cazmo girls!

I want all my viewrs who help my site to reach 100000 hits-viewers, these all days we were posting hard and trying to make the latest news and cheats in a post for you and trying to overcome the difficulties we had. This contest is a quest the location contest.

How this contest works:

In order to win the 1st place and the prize of 100 cazmo cash, you have to be the first who will comment the most locations of the pictures.You can comment only 1 or 2 times (more comments from one contestant will be deleted)

Example quess picture:

example You would say in your comment: ”Picture 1 location: Town(fountain)”

From here the contest is starting below are 12 quess the location pictures that you must try to answer the most of them to win 100 cazmo cash!!!

quess the location picture

You have exactly 3 days from today, the contest count from now!!! The contest will end on Friday 28 July.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Note: Your comments won’t aprove till the contest end, and that is for no copying the answers from the other contestants.