Find Lloyd … The Wandering Alien tracker!

Hello everyone, as you probably saw In the Planet Cazmo Newsletter Lloyd the Wandering Alien has heard about the beach party this weekend and will be teleporting in to make new friends, and give away gifts! If you are lucky enough to find him, be nice to him like you would any fellow Cazmonian, and he may reward you! I know alot of you want to meet him and get the gifts, so I made a Tracker that will help you find him. After a few minutes try to refresh this page.

– Ambassador Beta Omer

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Beach Updates!

Hello everyone. Summer’s here I’m for that, got my rubber sandals, got my straw hat got my cold beer I’m just glad that it’s here. Its from a song for those who dont know lol. Most of you out of school and summer has came to Planet Cazmo too.There Is a hige sign for the Party on the Map.

There Is a new Beach Shop, you can get Into the shop by clicking the Shops Icon on chat bar or from the beach. If your a boy you have boys suits and If your a girl you have girls suits. You can have suits fr0m the other kind.

Also Planet Cazmo added something very cool to the Beach. If you go to the Raft at the Beach there Is a new water slide. After you go on It you splashs Into the water lol.

– Ambassador Beta Omer

Tampos & Spiros 15000 hits beach party – Party Cancelled

Hello cazmos,

The poll resaults for the question : <<Should I will make a party for 15000 hits?>> Yes-30 votes , No-2 votes. 30 persons vote yes so I will make a party. I think that a beach party it will be cool with the voley ball update… so I will make a BEACH PARTY! I will record a video and the video will be in youtube…

Here is the beach party invation

I hope you can come We will have a nice time. )

The party it wont be on 28/09/2008 because Tampos can’t come. I will set the day and the time later…