Jordin Sparks this weekend in planetcazmo!

Hello guys,

After Soulja Boy perfomance now we have a new concert this weekend on Friday with the famous singer Jordin Sparks. I think and its time for girls to see their favourite singers in the game…Here is an ivnitation and more info about the date & time:


Tell abot this concert to all of your friends so you can help to increase the traffic of planetcazmo and more players to join the game. Spread the World 🙄

For the contest i am having for the 100 cazmo cash see the post above this…and Good luck!

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

100000 betacazmo hits contest

Hello cazmo ladies and cazmo gentlemen, cazmo boys and cazmo girls!

I want all my viewrs who help my site to reach 100000 hits-viewers, these all days we were posting hard and trying to make the latest news and cheats in a post for you and trying to overcome the difficulties we had. This contest is a quest the location contest.

How this contest works:

In order to win the 1st place and the prize of 100 cazmo cash, you have to be the first who will comment the most locations of the pictures.You can comment only 1 or 2 times (more comments from one contestant will be deleted)

Example quess picture:

example You would say in your comment: ”Picture 1 location: Town(fountain)”

From here the contest is starting below are 12 quess the location pictures that you must try to answer the most of them to win 100 cazmo cash!!!

quess the location picture

You have exactly 3 days from today, the contest count from now!!! The contest will end on Friday 28 July.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Note: Your comments won’t aprove till the contest end, and that is for no copying the answers from the other contestants.

Blog Of The Week!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, cazmo boys and cazmo girls

Like every monday a new blog of the week from the blog of the week page will appear on a post in my site. The New Blogger of the week is….

Drumroll please…..

And the winner is….Tannerlejord

Cogratsulations Tannerlejord of being the third ever planetcazmo blogger of the week, Here is what he commented in the page:

Tannerlejord and its
i hope i win. Bye!

Above it was what Tannerlejord commented but he said I hope i win…no it isnt a contest to judge its when your place came if someone posted the comment before you it will be him/her the blogger of the week.So you only have to sing up and wait till your site will appear on a post!!!

Do you want to be a blog of the week too? Click here

Soulja Boy Cazmo Accesories & New NPC

Hello cazmo gentlements and cazmo ladies!

Another day of fresh updates came and Spiros is here for posting the latest news about planetcazmo. So lets begin the updates i will show you are: soulja boy clothes(glasses,cup,shoes) and the new NPC player.

Lets begin from the cool hot deals which are updated in the hotdeals thing in the newspaper. The picture below show the new soulja boy items you can buy only with cazmo cash and the two new Mimo items:


Also there is a new NPC(NON PLAYING CHARACTER) at the Caz Rox Cafe that you can buy from him CD’s of the famous singers that had concert on PlanetCazmo or some clothes. Here is a picture of him:

new npc player at caz rox cafe

And here is a picture from beta omer of Soulja Boy’s concert:


thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

New Planet Cazmo Monthly Newsletter




Visit the Cazmorena this Friday and Saturday and hear Soulja Boy’s big hits, like “Kiss Me Through The Phone!”

  • FRIDAY (TONIGHT!!!), JULY 17th – 7-12 PM ET
  • SATURDAY JULY 18TH – 12 noon – 12 midnight ET
  • Concert begins every hour, on the hour


Come back July 24th and 25th for the Jordin Sparks concert! The location will be announced next week, so be sure to log in.


  • FRIDAY, JULY 24th – 7-12 PM ET
  • SATURDAY JULY 25TH – 12 noon – 12 midnight ET
  • Every hour, on the hour


For a limited time, sign up for a 6 or 12 month membership, and get a super rare item from Cazmo!

  • For 12 months, get this special new, very rare Kau Kau Bear pet!
  • For 6 months, you get a new, rare single engine jetpack!

You can ONLY get these by signing up for 6 or 12 month memberships! So act fast while supplies last! *Please note these rewards will be given out beginning next week, but if you sign up now you will still get them when they come out!


As Always, Spread the World!

Thanks for your support!
Planet Cazmo

Cazmo Of The Week

Hello cazmos, The 40th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………cuite2

So If you see her say: Congratz cuite2 for being the 40th cazmo of the week!

cazmo of the week 40

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

New Planet Cazmo Updates

Hello cazmos, Today is Thursday but the updates came yesterday and because i was sleeping when the updates came i will post them now lol… Anyway the updates are: new log in screen, one new jet pack, and 4 new surfboards and its the first time that planetcazmo updates on wednesday!

Lets start from the cool log in screen. They put on the log in screen updates like new videos, 3 new pictures and better log in and sing up sings! Here is a pic:

new log in screen

And here is the feauture that is updated to know the new items which are on sale that week. Here is a picture of the Hot Details:

on sale this week

And also I want to say that i wont be in planetcazmo or posting in my site for 5 days from tomorrow because i will go holidays to five greek islands(Kws,Rodos,Santorini,Paros,Mikono). So i want my betacazmo team members to post if there are new updates! Bye everyone see you when i will be back…..