Planetcazmo moderators

Planetcazmo added some moderators . The moderators have a symbol on their card.

Some mods :

  1. Magic Monkey
  2. Jeff
  3. Dabo
  4. Oceanna
  5. Qizzy
  6. Bigdwag
  7. CazmoRuler
  8. Derek
  9. Stazo
  10. Sonicron
  11. Afro
  12. SWAT
  13. OtakuGarou
  14. Piffle
  15. Torgo
  16. Loiosh
  17. BigBlue
  18. Flava Flavius
  19. Oscar the Couch
  20. Acamar
  21. Spin Cycle
  22. MC Sigmund
  23. Vega
  24. Gneechy
  25. Dj Stylus
  26. Zab
  27. sync
  28. Crazy Legs
  29. Gneechy
  30. Greey


  1. man, i wanna be a mod

  2. i wanna be a mod/whats mod huhu hahahahaha

  3. LOL

    Mod is someone who help planetcazmo . Mods have a symbol on their card

  4. Cool.
    Could you add me to ur blogroll forever?
    Ill add u if yes. 😀 🙂

  5. soory to tell you but Magic Monkey dose not exist

  6. Jeff is my buddy!!!

  7. u forgot cazmoruler hes my buddy and hes a mod.
    i think new mod kinda 😀

  8. jeff is my friend

  9. u forgot SWAT

    Spiros: Ok i added SWAT in the moderator list.

  10. i have seen swat and he is my buddy 😀

  11. oh I have seen Jeff, Sonicron, CazmoRuler and Bigdwag. Oh and Jeff is my buddy.

  12. Oh great I have seen Loiosh and Piffle too oh great you forgot someone you forgot OtakuGarou

  13. SWAT isnt a mod! He’s a gmaer tester! he is Paul hake at! he is not an undercover mod. Cuz in pc i talked to him.

  14. Well if you wanna see Jeff sing and me and Jeff talking about the killer in Planet Cazmo, visit

  15. i relly wanna be a modrator man :{

  16. cool, i didnt know SWAT was a mod


  17. loshi is my buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i like her alot!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I met a new mod and he is BigBlue.

  19. I met a undercover mod called AnzerLizmos

  20. Is Magic Monkey Really a mod i heard he isnt anymore and also that he never was a mod??
    No one has a picture of his player card!

  21. Hey guys just to let you kno Stazo, Afro, and Magical Monkey are not mods anymore.

  22. ♀♪♀♪♀♪♀♪♀♪♀♪♀♪

    Put up some pictures!


  23. Nado Its me Simon cowell can you tell me when you see piffle?

  24. I thought it was bigdawg, and not bigdwag..

  25. OMG I SAW CAZMO!!! i didnt know who he was until i saw his pic pon the planet cazmo site :O

  26. Cool post.., man

  27. nice work, guy

  28. hey!!!!!!!

    Spiros: Hey emirboy609!


  30. 30th comment! 😀

  31. You gotta take Loiosh off the list…. 😦 i miss her… She is taking a break from Planet Cazmo!

  32. people give me cash

  33. ohhhhhhhhhhhh i wish they could be my buddey can u open the tracker

  34. Planet cazmo ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

  35. dang i want to be a mod

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