Q: How do I set up a Cazmo account?

A: Enter the Planet Cazmo website at and click the “Sign Up” button. Then fill in the blank fields on the “Your Info” page and click the “Next” button.(see pictures below)



Q: How do I change my password?

A: Click on the picture of the jewels on the bottom toolbar to open the Edit Your Account window. In the Account window, click the “Change Your Password” button. (see picture)



Fill in the blank fields on the window that appears, and click the button to submit your new info. A message will pop up to let you know that your password has been changed.


Q: How do I make my Cazmo character?

A: Click on one of the heads in the “Gender” box to choose a male or female character. On the “Create-A-Cazmo” screen you can customize your character’s features.

Scroll through available options for each feature by clicking the red and white arrow buttons. Some features, like the beard, are not available for both genders.

To customize the color of an item, click on the category name of what you want to change. For example, if you want to change hair color, click on the word “Hair” then use the “Color Picker” wheel. Click on the wheel’s outer ring to select different colors. Click around on the Color Picker’s inner square to make any color lighter, darker, or to change its tone.

You can also click the “Randomize” button, located below the list of feature choices, to have the Cazmo computer design a character for you. Surprise!

Once your Cazmo looks the way you want it to, click the “Log In” button, and you’re on your way to Planet Cazmo!
(see pictures below)


Q: Can I change my Cazmo character?

A: Right now, only your Cazmo character’s clothing and hair can be changed once you enter the world, but a new store will be opening soon on Planet Cazmo. Rumor says that it’s a Body Shop where you can add cool new features to your cazmos and customize the way they look. In the meantime, you can always open another account to make a new cazmo!

Q: How do I change my cazmo’s clothes?

A: Click on the My Stuff icon on the toolbar to open up your cazmo’s clothing inventory. In the inventory pop up window, you can see what your cazmo is currently wearing in the circle on the left hand side. The blue icons on the ring around your cazmo show the different clothing categories, while the boxes on the right show the clothing items in your inventory. Highlighted items are what your cazmo has on. (see picture)


To change clothing, click a category icon, then click the box for the item you want your cazmo to put on. For example, to change your cazmo’s pants, you would click the blue “Pants” icon and then click the pants you want your character to wear. Your cazmo’s picture will change to show the new outfit.

You can buy new clothing and accessories at the many stores on Planet Cazmo. The window below your clothing inventory shows how much money you have to spend.


Q: How can I buy new stuff?

A: Click on the “!” over the head of an NPC (Non-playing character) and select an option from the speech bubble that appears. Clothing, skateboards, and even new hairstyles are available through the NPC’s. (see pictures below)



In the store popup window, you can see what items are for sale in the inventory boxes on the right. When you click on an inventory box, the price of that item appears in the “Cost” field beneath the store inventory.
Click on an item in the inventory to try it on. To buy stuff, you must click on the “Buy Item” button below the store inventory while your cazmo is wearing the item you want to purchase. You can see how much money you have in your account by looking at the number beneath the picture of your cazmo.



Q: How do I move around?

A: Click around on the screen in the direction you want to go. Your cazmo will walk toward the spot you click.

You can also use the map to move quickly from place to place. You can access the map by clicking the compass icon on the toolbar. When the map window opens up, simply click on the region you want to visit and your cazmo will travel there.

Q: How do I get inside a building?

A: Walk up to the building you want to enter. If there is a red, squiggly arrow at the building entrance, you can get inside by walking onto the arrow.

Q: Why can’t I get inside some buildings?

A: Planet Cazmo is just getting started, so right now only the Garage and Club Cazmo are open. We are adding more fun stuff all the time, though, so keep checking back to see what’s new!

Q: What can I do on Planet Cazmo?

A: You can play games, win prizes, make friends, decorate your house, and lots more fun stuff. Walk around Planet Cazmo to see who’s there—and what’s new.

Q: How do I play games?

A: Click on the “controller” icon on the toolbar—it’s the fourth from the left. Choose a game from the list in the popup window and then follow the instructions for each game.

Q: Where do I get Cazmo Coins?

A: Coins fall out of some trees when you shake them. You can also win money –and special prizes—by playing games.


Q: Where can I get a ninja suit?

A: You can win special prizes like the Ninja Suit by playing certain games. Go check it out!

Q: How do I play music? Can I play my own music?

A: When you arrive on Planet Cazmo the jukebox will pop up automatically. To change music, select a song you like from the scrolling list and press play. To adjust volume or other settings, you can always reach the music player through the “speaker” icon on the far right of the toolbar. We will keep adding to the song selections over time, so there is no need to import your own music.


Q: How do I get to my house? How can I visit my friend’s house?

A: To visit your Cazmo house, simply click on the “Home” icon in the bottom toolbar to open the “My House” window. You can choose to “Visit” or “Decorate” your home by clicking either of those buttons, or you can visit friends’ houses by choosing their names from the alphabetized list. (see images below)

Q: How do I decorate my house?

A: Click the “Home” button on the toolbar, then click the “Decorate” button on the popup window. There’s your cazmo house!


To buy furniture for your house, click on the shopping cart icon at the left end of the toolbar. Click the “house” or “tree” icons on the toolbar to switch back and forth between the inside and outside of the house. Click on the tabs and arrow buttons to scroll through the items available in each category.


To purchase an item, press the “cash” button on the right end of the toolbar. The cost of each item is shown in the “Price” field on the toolbar. On the left end of the toolbar, you can see how much money you have in your Cazmo account.


When you have the items you want, click the “hammer” icon at the left end of the toolbar to decorate your home. Click on the furniture inside your house to select an item. Once an item is selected, it can be moved, rotated, or removed. When your house looks the way you want, click the “check” or “done” buttons to return to Planet Cazmo. You must be in “decorate mode” for these two buttons to appear.


Q: How can I chat with people?

A: Type your message into the blank field on the toolbar and hit enter. You will see a speech bubble appear on Planet Cazmo with your message in it. Invite someone to visit your house for a private chat.

Q: How do I ignore someone if I don’t want them to talk to me?

A: To ignore someone and block their messages follow these easy steps; Simply click on the Cazmo character you want to block. When their card pops up simply click the ignore button ignore button at the bottom of the card. Click it a second time to un-block them if you want to start receiving their messages again. (see image below)

ignore button popup

Q: The speech bubbles disappear too fast! How can I make them stay longer?

A: The easiest way to follow conversation is to open the Chat Box by clicking its icon on the toolbar. The Chat Box keeps track of what everybody around you is saying—so you don’t miss anything!

Q: What is safe chat?

A: Safe Chat uses only the preset questions and answers from the “exclamation” menu, with no free typing.

Q: How do I make buddies?

A: Click on a cazmo in the main world to see a close up of that character. Click the “buddies” button on the far left side of the popup window to add that person as a buddy. You can see when your buddies are online by clicking the “buddies” icon in the center of the main toolbar.

Q: How do I report someone?

A: If someone breaks the rules or makes you feel uncomfortable, please report them to the Moderator immediately. You can email the Moderator through the red “moderator” button by the clock in the upper right hand corner of the screen or by clicking on the cazmo who is bothering you to open a pop up window. Click the “exclamation” button in the popup window to reach the Moderator.


Q: What does the Moderator do?

A: A moderator is an official representative of Planet Cazmo who helps to answer questions, resolve problems, and protect Cazmo.

Q: Can I be a moderator?

A: While Planet Cazmo is in the beta testing stage, our own staff is moderating the game.

However, we are looking for ways you can help us keep Cazmo safe and friendly, so stay tuned for future announcements!


Q: Can I trade my stuff?

A: Yes! Click on a cazmo to open a popup window. Click the “trade” button on the far right to invite that cazmo to trade with you. In the window that opens up, you can see your inventory and cazmo cash on the right, and boxes for each cazmo to make trade offers on the left. Use the chat box to discuss your deals.


To make an offer, click on items in your inventory and they will automatically move to the offer boxes. Follow the prompts to complete the trade.


Q: How do I become a beta tester?

A: If you have a Planet Cazmo account right now, then you are already a Beta Tester! We appreciate all the wonderful ideas and great help we are getting from you beta testers, so keep it up! As members of the Beta Program here are a few things you can do to help:

– If you find a glitch or what you think is a problem, let us know.
– Suggest new features, games, activities.
– Tell us what you like (and don’t like) about Cazmo.

To share your feedback, send an email to

We’re going to reward your participation as Beta Testers with some special benefits that we’ll announce in the coming weeks…
Q: When are you adding more games and other stuff?

A: Planet Cazmo changes every day. We have a lot more games, stores and features on the way—some of them suggested by you! We are just getting started, so log on often to make sure you don’t miss anything!


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  5. I will update the page soon!

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  7. if we trade items, will the items that i traded disappear?

  8. when im done with all my quests do i become a moderator……….please say yes i help people alot my name on planet cazmo is …. cazmo helper2

    Spiros: No you dont became a moderator,but you get your prize for the quest the costumes.

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