New cazmo of the week!

Hello cazmos,

The 10th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………trumpophone

So If you see him say:Congratz trumpophone for being the 10th cazmo of the week!

thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Halloween Party!

Halloween is almost here, and its coming to Cazmo … for ….


Costume Shop

Check out some of the costumes you will be able to buy in the new Costume Shop!



The Chief Has Returned

Hello cazmos, Chief has returned and he sent me this email:

Agents –

I have returned from my long journey to your land of EU-Rope on Earth, and I’m pleased to be back at The Ministry on Cazmo. My mission was a success, and you will soon see some of the results of my trip as we announce some wonderful new features in the coming weeks.

As you probably know, my colleagues in the Department of Commerce have been preparing for the opening of several stores. Among my meetings in EU-Rope were negotiations with Earth-bound banking institutions. You will be happy to know that I have negotiated for each of you to receive a Cazmo Cash Bonus for your good work as PCAP Agents. When we make items available for sale, you will be granted Cazmo Cash to buy things.

I have just completed reading the Output Scroll from the Cazmo Web Activity Monitoring System (CWAMS). While I was on Mission there was considerable new activity – thank you! We have just one more week in this first phase of PCAP. We asked you to send us traffic – new visitors who would become active residents within Cazmo. The contest is tight. Several of you are neck and neck as we approach the finish line.

My recommendation is that you go out from your Blogs, go to other online communities and Spread the World! Introduce yourself as a PCAP Agent, send people back to your pages, and from there encourage them to go on to Cazmo to register. In this last week it’s still anyone’s game to win. Some of you had success with the Cazmo Widget we created. It is built in Flash, so you may not be able to use it on your blog, but try to embed it in other places on the Web. Click here to grab it.

I did receive some disturbing reports from the Cazmo Prime Minister who was very unhappy about the behavior of some PCAP Ambassadors. Some of you have been flagged as causing mischief and trying to hide from it by creating new characters. Our systems have you tagged and I request (require) that you act as model citizens.

You will soon receive another Communication from me. I have sent a request to the Pre-release Content Holding system (PeRCH) which will soon output screenshots of some new features you haven’t seen yet. I’m sure you’re anxious to post some new insider information.

In the mean time I have asked my Ministry Colleagues to prepare the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program Artificial Intelligence Communications System (PCAPAICS) to respond to one question from each of you. PCAPAICS was upgraded while I was on Mission. My staff tells me they have added The Human Emotionizer Module which is supposed to make the system seem more “human” in its responses. Let me know how it’s working.

I missed you all, and look forward to much success together.


Sp!Ro5 – PCAP002

Planet Cazmo News

Hello cazmos,

I saw a mod , and he told me some news:

  • There would be many other updates with the Hover Cars
  • The bodyshop coming soon and the Body Shop is going to be a lot like the place where you create your Cazmo

Sp!Ro5 – PCAP002

new theme + play planetcazmo new banner

Hello cazmos,
Today I changed  theme . Also I made a new play planetcazmo banner.

About the theme: Please leave comment and rate the theme(1-10)

About the play planetcazmo banner:Ambassador said to me that he watching how many people you sending to visit planetcazmo and he is making a list the Embassies that have sent the most visitors to Cazmo! So when you want to log in planetcazmo visit my site to see if anything new is coming and click on the banner on the slidebar.I shall be very pleased If you If you logged in this way.

That’s all for now

Cya Spiros


Ambassador sent me an email and he said to me that:

New rooms are coming :The new Hair Salon and Hat Store. I havent take pictures of these rooms but I will ask Ambassador to send me some pictures of the rooms which coming.

Also planetcazmo made a banner.

Click here to see the banner!

He aslo said :You are a group of 15 – the chosen few, identified by our Cazmo Web Activity Monitoring System (CWAMS) as being the users responsible for the most Cazmo enthusiasm. Thank you! Phase 1 of the PCAP Invitation program is now closed to new members.

And a list of the Embassies that have sent the most visitors to Cazmo:


That’s all for now

Cya Spiros

Cazmo Ambassador Program Launches

Greeting Cazmonauts:

We have launched a new “Cazmo Ambassador Program” for special Cazmonauts who have websites driving high amounts of traffic to Cazmo.

Ambassador Seal Example

A note to those wanting to be “Mods” or help keep Cazmo safe: This is NOT the highly anticipated “Moderator Program” that many of you have been waiting for and asked about. While some responsibilities overlap (i.e. keeping Cazmo safe), these positions are different. We appreciate everyone’s help in “Spreading The World!” about Cazmo and we will continue to add people to this program as it makes sense. But have no fear, our mod program (official name to be announced) is coming, but its still at least a month away as we work hard to add  new locations, games and features to Cazmo!

I am a member of the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program (P-CAP)+new rooms

Chief Ambassador sent me an email to say to me that I am a member of the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program and he gave me a picture that I am member of Ambassador program.

Here is the picture:

Ambassador sent me and 3 pictures with the email. The first picture show the smellulater which coming , the second picture show the fitness center which coming soon and the third picture show the Diner room.

Here are the pictures of the new rooms:

That’s all for now

Cya Spiros