Blog of the week(new!)

Do you have a blog for planetcazmo or for other things? Do you want it to get noticed and get more hits? Well, you can signup for blog of the day, where we pick a blog and we make a post about it with a link…

To signup, just make a comment on this page with the following…

  • Name: Spiros
  • Your Website:
  • Why: Because…(Write the reason you want to sing up or some words for your blog)

And then click the magic button the…. submit

And its so easy as that people…………..!!!


Your blog can’t have inappropriate material, and must have less page views (or others called it with the word hits) then us. You can only sign your blog up once. You can sign up your friends blog if you’d like, no matter if they have already signed up.

How the blog of the week is working?

Everyone who signs up for the blog of the day will be chosen in order of when they comented(what date). The first person will be chosen first, their comment will then say -Chosen-, and the next day the next person who signed up will be chosen and so on.


  1. -Chosen-

  2. -Chosen-

  3. -Chosen-

  4. -Chosen-

  5. * Name: Jesus
    * Your Website: (or
    * Why: Because… I have never won anything, And Yeah, xD. I want to try it.


  6. The blog of the week will start from this Monday!

  7. Romani & kokeeto
    I want to sign up because i want hits on my site and i want all pc to know my site.
    Thanks loads!
    ~Pcap Romani

  8. NAME: Tyler H
    REASON:I really hope that someday my Websites gets to be as good as the beta cazmo teams Blog! LOL

    ~Tyler H~

  9. yo my site is hope i win ;D

  10. Slavi

  11. Name: Rocker259
    Blog Domain:
    Reason: Because I want my blog to get more hits, and I want all of Planet Cazmo to notice my site.

  12. Name: Masjr
    Blog domain:
    Why: Because I have tried extremely hard to make my site the best and I havent got anything for it before

  13. Name: Masjr and 7ronaldo27
    Blog domain:
    Why: Because we have just started and we would like more hits

  14. name billonare
    blog domain
    why because my blog hasn’t got many hits as beta cazmo and i would like to advertise my site

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  16. name:Beta Josh(joshuadolan)
    why:Because i realy would like some hits and for other people to get to know my site and so i get more results on my pool and so we cna play games together such as tic tac toe and hopefully my site will help the visitors.

  17. NAME: T0m3y
    WHY: Because I do not have many hits and I have spent countless hours working on my site to improve it-many of those hours being for my complete list and description of every Planet Cazmo mini-game! Thanks!

  18. Name: Knox
    Blog Domain:
    Reason: Because, I really want to get noticed and think my blog is good even though it is new.

  19. Name: Fire Blaze
    Why: Because i really want to be famous and popular like you guys and also have people looking at my blog because no-one visits my blog because it is only new…

  20. Name:rocker 47
    Why:My blog is only a week old and i think this is a good way to get cazmos to notice that i have a good blog,my goal is too get 1,000 hits and im half way there so i think this is a good way to get closer to my goal,and i want people to notice that i work very hard to find out stuff for my blog.
    Nice site!
    ~♪rocker 47♪

  21. Name: Fire Blaze
    Why: I want more people to come to my blog so i could become even cooler like you guys and so i could become an Ambassador also my goal is 1,000 Hits.

    ~Pug~(solar comet)

  23. User: PCAP Josh
    reason: i realy want to get known round cazmo and i would love to rach my goal wich is 5,000 hits and it owuld be a big help if you helped me thank you!

  24. hi i love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps i want to marry you 🙂

  25. heyy
    i was looking for u in the town but cud not find u just wanted to ask u where is the blueball
    because in the mimo quest i was not able to spaek to bill and nor found the blue ball so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply or send me a mail my id is email removed
    btw u r not like the other ambassadors they r full of atitude
    stay like that and always spread the world!
    u rock!
    plzzzzzz reply

  26. Name:wwedude

    SPREAD THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  28. Name: RichCoolDude
    Why: Because i havent really won anything in a blog like when they have cazmo cash contests and this so ill try to win 😀

  29. Very nice site!

  30. Hey I Would Like To Be Blog Of The Week
    Because Simply I Love All Planet Cazmo Sites Especilly Mine And Yours
    ~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

  31. Name: Neon Knights

    Reason: I havent got any comments recently and my blog views is not like it was before. Thank you Spiros. 😀

    ~pcap 91~

  32. Name: Two Bit
    Reason: My blog is fairly new and stuff but I’ve sacrficed valuable time and learned alot to try to make it perfect. Advertising my blog will help me alot by giving me hits and will encourage and support me to continue to make my blog better for everyone.

    Thank You!

  33. Name Killerosnap24
    Reason i really want to try this out because
    maybey i win and i never won anything

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