SPECIAL Sneak-Peek!

Hey Cazmos,

I just got this special sneak peak! I looked in my spam comments and decided to click on this link, and what do you know?? It seems to be about cows. I’m not sure if this is real.

It very much so resembles a Cazmo house. Is it real though? I just emailed PC and hopefully I’ll get a response soon. I’ll keep you updated!!

-Black Wolf

On the 8th Day of Cazmo..

Kristina Debarge has lost some cool Microphones! Help her find them!

First, go to the VIP Area

Now, go to the Downtown. Pick up the microphone. It’s behind the bush!

Go talk to Kristina again. Now, go to Interior Decorate mode on your house. Go to the Misc section. Congratz, you now have the microphone!

By Black Wolf