New updates including new pets!

Hey Cazmos Pc updated today with some AWSOME new pets!!! Well they are the same type  but in different colours which is pretty cool!!

They cost 40 cazmo cash for non members and 2o cazmo cash for members!

Pc also added some cool new membership discounts which only last until the new year So you better get one before its too late :P

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

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Cazmo Holiday Benefit Concert!!!!!

The cazmo holiday benefit show was a BLAST!!!!

Here we have jordan sparks performing(I was controlling the lights!!)

We Also have a pic of the awsome METRO STATION!!!

Now If You head into the “vip” area you can talk to Ginormousc To collect a “vip” ticket!!!

And if you came to the concert at any stage thenyou will automatically collect this ticket it is located in your cazbook,

Also if you talk to the music guy who sells the songs you wil notice that its been set out better!!!

Also as most of you may know im ambassador of the WEEK!!!! this is me controlling the lights!

Now,If you travel down to ur house you will notice you can buy some awsome NEW!! christmas decorations for it!!!

~Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

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On the 12th Day of Cazmo..

Soulja Boy has lost some boomboxes! Help him find them!

First, go to the VIP Area and talk to SouljaBoy.

Next, go to the Garage and pick up the Boom Box.

Go and talk to Soulja Boy again. Now go to interior Decorate mode on your house. Congratz, you now have the boom box!

By Black Wolf

11 day of cazmo quest guide!!!

Here is the guide for the 11 of the 12 days of cazmo!!!Hasnt it gone fast??

1.First of head down to the vip as usual,Then talk to mason he will tell you hes lost a car can you help Him????

2. The car is located at the beach volley ball court!!!

3. Once you have collected this go back to the vip area and collect your prize!!

Y0u can now use it to decorate your house!!! cool huh?

>Ambassador 7 ronaldo27

On the 10th Day of Cazmo..

David Archuleta has lost some cool racetracks! Help him find them!

First, go to the VIP Area and talk to David.

Next, go to the Park Area in the Playground. Pick up the Racetrack.

Now, go talk to David again. Go to Interior Decorate mode on your house, and go to the Misc section. Congratz, you now have the race track!

By Black Wolf

On the 9th Day of Cazmo..

Jeff and Torgo have lost some fish they were going to give out! Help them find them!

First, go to the VIP Area and talk to Jeff and Torgo.

Next, go inside the Cazmo Club and walk on top of the fish.

Go back to the VIP Area and talk to Jeff and Torgo again. Now, go to interior decorate mode on your house and go to the Misc. section. Congratz, you now have the Fish!

By Black Wolf

SPECIAL Sneak-Peek!

Hey Cazmos,

I just got this special sneak peak! I looked in my spam comments and decided to click on this link, and what do you know?? It seems to be about cows. I’m not sure if this is real.

It very much so resembles a Cazmo house. Is it real though? I just emailed PC and hopefully I’ll get a response soon. I’ll keep you updated!!

-Black Wolf