Hey cazmos! Updates are back on Betacazmo with… MASJR!!!

Ok so to start off Halloween has happened on PC so from me…

Happy Halloween!

Now, new concerts are coming every week on cazmo and next up is Mario!!! Heres proof from the newsletter…

Upcoming concert

Also going back to the concert going on at the moment Weezer is going to have a Halloweeny encore!

Weezer Encore

If you went to the real concert you will recieve this cool ticket…

Weezer ticket

Now for this concert something quite special happened! There is a quest for it, and I’ve made a guide for you about it. You have to find all of the weezer signs scattered around Planet cazmo…

Weezer sign No. 1= Outside club cazmo

Weezer sign No. 2= Amphitheater

Weezer sign No. 3= The Thearter

Weezer sign No. 4= DJ table

Weezer sign No. 5= Caz Rox Cafe

Weezer sign No. 6= Beach concert place

So, after you have all of the weezer logos you will recieve this rocking new badge…

Weezer pin

And this Ipod for your house…

Weezer Poster

So to end the updates off I’m just going to finish you off with a video of Weezer in action so you can make up your mind if you want to watch the enchor performance!

~PCAP Masjr!