Cazmo Movie!

Hey cazmos!

I hav decided to make a movie about planet cazmo and this is where u will apply!

I will need lots of people to join and they will be on u tube!

These are the things I will need to do it so just tell me wat one u wanna do and ill let u be in the production!!!

I will need:

1. A person who will come up with ideas and names

2. A person who will make a script

3. Charecters

If you wanna join this really good thing that has came to cazmo i will need ur email and ur username!

Thats it!

So gd luck and I hope you get in!!!

~PCAP Masjr~

pcap masjr seal

P.S. To join you will have to comment on MY site

1 Comment

  1. hey masjr i saw u many times at planetcazmo at the town square on server beatstreet i will hope ill be ur partner and i can do the things u said so contact with me

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