New Clothes, New Hairs And New Posters!

Hello everyone. This week Planet Cazmo updated early again. The updates are awesome. First there are new clothes at the Clothing Shop. Some of the for Cazmo Coins for Members and some for Cazmo Cash.


New hair styles at the Hair Style And Hats Shop, again some of them for Cazmo coins members and some for Cazmo cash. Also theres a new cool hat for Cazmo cash.


And theres new posters of Jeff and Torgo at the house shop. You can buy them when you decorating your house click Art and there you go.


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Ambassador Spiros going holidays

Hello…Bonjour…Hallo…Γειά…Ciao…Привет…Salut…Hola CaZmOnIaNs!!!

hehe above is the word hello in different language try to find your if its on….but do you know why i am so happy and have creative ideas while starting this post?

Today its the last day and tomorrow….I AM GOING HOLIDAYS FOR MY SECOND SUMMER TRIP IN GREECE 🙄 😀 😛 , can’t wait till tomorrow it will be an amazing day and just to know the trip is for one week so i am coming the next Friday(date: 14 of August).

Some of you knew that before except that i will go to holidays but that i wanted to make a video of my fishes and I did it! But it wanted 58 hours and 40 minutes to upload in HD so i cancelled it and i changed the type in a lower quallity but i think its good enough if you watch it in HQ( put &fmt=18 at the end of the url). Please Watch it and if you want and you want to be my friend in youtube add me or subscribe or rate and I will sub you back 😉

How you find it? Dont tell me know, tell me when i will be back and i will aprove the comments but you can comment on the video so i may see it via my cell phone if i have access to internet.

See you soon guys…

~Ambassador Spiros~