Winner of 100 cazmo cash contest!!!!!

Hello cazmo gentlemans and cazmo ladies,

I made this contest a little bit hard but I did it like that because the prize of 100 cazmo cash was alot and i didnt want to make a normal commeting contest but like this one which is over now.

Some of you comment the correct answers of the quess location contest and some did it wrong, I think everyone did pretty good. The contest was a bit hard and we had 79 comments but the winner of it is to be the first comment and that with the correct answers!

Drum Roll please……………………………………………………………………

winner of cazmo cash contest

Cogratsulations Penguin 01 your 100 cazmo cash will be transfer in 1 or 2 days when planetcazmo get my email to transfer the 100 cazmo cash from my account to your account. I want only to tell me your main account username you use to play planetcazmo so i will transfer them to that account.

Winner’s comment with the 12 correct answers:

winners comment

Don’t forget guys If you didn’t won this time dont give up, New contests for Cazmo Cash and Cazmo Coins are coming… Do you like this contest? Should I make more contest to win Cazmo cash or Cazmo coins? What do you think?

P.S: All the comments now have been approved so you can see there are no cheats and Penguin01 was the first to comment the correct answer.Penguin01 I hope you have fun with your new 100 Cazmo Cash and spend them good!



  2. Scoty Boy dont worry, you were all my viewers of my site and you can post a comment when the post was first puplished in my site with the correct answers. You can see if your correct or not in the comments of the contest post some posts below this, and remember the winner was the FIRST to comment the correct answers.

    New contest is coming in August 😉

  3. Good job Penguin! And keep up the good work on the site Spi!

  4. thank you 😀

  5. Thanks Spiros and BW! Congrats on the hits!

  6. cogratsulations PCAP Penguin01!!

  7. pcap penguin thanks for the compliment of the hits but my score is to beat 500000 hits and i hope this will happen soon,anyway i got an email from planetcazmo saying: ”thank you this will be, planetcazmo” and so that mean you must get your 100 cazmo cash very soon!

  8. lol hits are nothing, idk y ppl get so obbsed with it

  9. Hey spiros. I still haven’t received the Cazmo Cash…
    They said you need to contact them. Since you did, I don’t really know what’s going on…

    Spiros: I sent them 2 emails and they said ok that will be and i saw it too and i am waiting but I am gonna send them 5 emails everyday till the will do it, sorry dude its not my fault.

  10. can u plz give me free cazmo cash i really wan t cazmo cash


  12. aww man the contest is over mann

  13. ya u should but still i dont no if i will win

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