Planetcazmo Lloyd Quest Guide!

Hello everyone. Theres a new Quest, so here is the guide. First go talk to Mama Caz at the Mall and tell her you need talk to Zibs. Now zibs will ask your help to find Lloyd and find his Items. Here are the Items you need to find and where you can find them:

Cup – Splat Hut


Banana – BodyShop (Outside)


Laptop – Space Port


Balloons – Cazmo Club (Inside)


Apple – Town Square


After you found all these stuff come back to the Zibs and youll see Lloyd there. You need to find now the Purple Bushes.

First one at the Garage (Outside)


Second one at the Playground


Third one at the Statue Island


Aftert you found all bushes go back to the Zibs and they will give you the Item Zibs spy Jacket.


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  1. thanks for the help Spiro 🙂

  2. Spiros!!!! this is me dorien from planetcazmo nice site thank you for the questguide

  3. ohok i got the outfit now THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS

  4. why spiros isnt posting? beta omer is on the picture , nvm thanks for the help spiro and awesm blog!

  5. rayan 101 and beta omer is a worker in my site so he posted the post for the quest guide.

  6. Thanks Spiro for helping me then i can help all my freinds and become an ambassedor!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thanks that really helped


  8. thanks spiro even if it dont have engouh picture well its a big help for it. =D

  9. Hey dude 🙂 whats up ? ghoni ‘s here
    check out my blog and follow me on

  10. thanks so much!Anyways, i finished lots of quests!Are there any more?
    please let me know.

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