30/7/2009 Updates!!

Pc updates on TThursay and sadly, they didnt add boys hair. 😦 Heres the new planet cazmo updates:

30-7-09 Updates

Also theres a new mod hat which is an orange Soda Helmet.

 Kokeeto Signutare

Cazmo Of The Week

Hello cazmos, The 41th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………qwertyuoipo

So If you see her say: Congratz qwertyuoipo for being the 41th cazmo of the week!

cazmo of the week 41

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Winner of 100 cazmo cash contest!!!!!

Hello cazmo gentlemans and cazmo ladies,

I made this contest a little bit hard but I did it like that because the prize of 100 cazmo cash was alot and i didnt want to make a normal commeting contest but like this one which is over now.

Some of you comment the correct answers of the quess location contest and some did it wrong, I think everyone did pretty good. The contest was a bit hard and we had 79 comments but the winner of it is to be the first comment and that with the correct answers!

Drum Roll please……………………………………………………………………

winner of cazmo cash contest

Cogratsulations Penguin 01 your 100 cazmo cash will be transfer in 1 or 2 days when planetcazmo get my email to transfer the 100 cazmo cash from my account to your account. I want only to tell me your main account username you use to play planetcazmo so i will transfer them to that account.

Winner’s comment with the 12 correct answers:

winners comment

Don’t forget guys If you didn’t won this time dont give up, New contests for Cazmo Cash and Cazmo Coins are coming… Do you like this contest? Should I make more contest to win Cazmo cash or Cazmo coins? What do you think?

P.S: All the comments now have been approved so you can see there are no cheats and Penguin01 was the first to comment the correct answer.Penguin01 I hope you have fun with your new 100 Cazmo Cash and spend them good!

Last Day for 100 cazmo cash contest!

Hey cazmos, Quess what?

comment your last comments for the 100 cazmo cash contest

Also check out the video of Jordin Sparks concert by official planet cazmo youtube channel:

…..and the whats new this week on planetcazmo:


Planet Cazmo makes donation to Arbor day foundation for tree sales one earth day on planetcazmo!

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Jordin Sparks concert at the beach! Awesome….O.o

Hey Cazmos! The Jordin sparks concert was AWESOME! She sang maybe four songs. If u hadnt had a chance to see her, heres pix Kokee had taken!

Hope u like ‘em!


Kokeeto Signutare

Souleo Updates! YAY…!

Another hey goes today for you guys lol :lol

Well lets start talking about the updates they are too many and thats why i made two posts one post is below this the planetcazmo chaning name feauture and the other updates here.

So lets start from the new clothes:

new planetcazmo clothes

The second update for today are the new planetcazmo surfboards to surf on the game! Coolio…

new planetcazmo surfboards

The third update goes to Souleo Update on the newspaper! Its a page in the newspaper which when you click it you see a video for Soulja Boy with some pictures of him!

souleo videos

And here is the video of The Planet Cazmo Souleo Report/ -Ne-Yo Interview:

Finnaly the latest update goes to the SUPER stage for Jordin Sparks concert which will be showing on at the beach TODAY 7PM – 12AM EST and Saturday noon – midnight EST:

Jordin Sparks stage

Change your and your pet & planetcazmo name available now!

Hey cazmoOoOoOoOooo5 bubble time, like dollar time and other symbols you can but in your new name!!! Yes you heard right there is a new planetcazmo change your name feauture and symbols are available!!!So be sure to get now your name before its too late and planetcazmo fix it RUN!

You can change your account at: https://www.planetcazmo.com/ecommerce/account.php and by clicking the change the name feauture which is with a blue cazmo chair button, here are the pics:

change your name feauture

change your name feauture2

And Also you can change your cazmo pet name, how? Just follow the steps in the following picture i made for you guys:

change your pets name feauture

Thats all for now check the above post for the 100 cazmo cash contest 😉

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Planetcazmo Lloyd Quest Guide!

Hello everyone. Theres a new Quest, so here is the guide. First go talk to Mama Caz at the Mall and tell her you need talk to Zibs. Now zibs will ask your help to find Lloyd and find his Items. Here are the Items you need to find and where you can find them:

Cup – Splat Hut


Banana – BodyShop (Outside)


Laptop – Space Port


Balloons – Cazmo Club (Inside)


Apple – Town Square


After you found all these stuff come back to the Zibs and youll see Lloyd there. You need to find now the Purple Bushes.

First one at the Garage (Outside)


Second one at the Playground


Third one at the Statue Island


Aftert you found all bushes go back to the Zibs and they will give you the Item Zibs spy Jacket.


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Jordin Sparks this weekend in planetcazmo!

Hello guys,

After Soulja Boy perfomance now we have a new concert this weekend on Friday with the famous singer Jordin Sparks. I think and its time for girls to see their favourite singers in the game…Here is an ivnitation and more info about the date & time:


Tell abot this concert to all of your friends so you can help to increase the traffic of planetcazmo and more players to join the game. Spread the World 🙄

For the contest i am having for the 100 cazmo cash see the post above this…and Good luck!

thats all for now,
see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

100000 betacazmo hits contest

Hello cazmo ladies and cazmo gentlemen, cazmo boys and cazmo girls!

I want all my viewrs who help my site to reach 100000 hits-viewers, these all days we were posting hard and trying to make the latest news and cheats in a post for you and trying to overcome the difficulties we had. This contest is a quest the location contest.

How this contest works:

In order to win the 1st place and the prize of 100 cazmo cash, you have to be the first who will comment the most locations of the pictures.You can comment only 1 or 2 times (more comments from one contestant will be deleted)

Example quess picture:

example You would say in your comment: ”Picture 1 location: Town(fountain)”

From here the contest is starting below are 12 quess the location pictures that you must try to answer the most of them to win 100 cazmo cash!!!

quess the location picture

You have exactly 3 days from today, the contest count from now!!! The contest will end on Friday 28 July.GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

Note: Your comments won’t aprove till the contest end, and that is for no copying the answers from the other contestants.