Spiros Modified Cars Video

Hey Cazmonians!

Sup everyone?

TODAY SCHOOL IS OVER and i wish to everyone happy summer holidays with this picture below:

0020007_17 This seems that holidays came and tomorrow i am going to the beach! YAY , HAVE FUN EVERYONE!

Also today i turned a collection of modified cars pictures to a video, and is called….Spiros Modified Cars. It’s my first video with cars but i tried a lot to make it as good as i can, and i think the music i put is very nice for this video.ECS(Enjoy Comment Subscribe)

I hope you like it, but if not dont worry another kind of video is coming and the contest i promised you is near and maybe this time with quessing pictures to win…Oh and the following sign is not new, i got it a long time ago from a site that you making animations and i copied it from my spirosweb.tk site(visit my other site too it has good things to see!)

New Rope Swing, New Clothes And Members Badges!

Hello everyone, Planet Cazmo update today and not on Friday like we use to. Its Flag day on Planet Cazmo and all the Flags skateborads are on sale this week! New category on your CazBook calld My Awards. I wonder what that could be. We need wait and see. Also In the newspaper there Is a sneak peek of the Skate Park that coming soon! There Is a new Rope Swing at the Beach In the Sun Island.


Also now all the Cazmo that have a Membership have a Member badge!


There are new clothes at the Clothing Shop. New pans Brown Cutoff and new shoes Bee Shoes. They both for Cazmo Coins also for Non-Members.

Newclothes1 Newclothes2

– Ambassador Beta Omer

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