Sick New Updates!!

Hello Cazmos!!!

Today There were Sick New Updates…

Lets Start off with when it said updates r coming:

Now Lets Start With The Strip which is now called the Cruizitron City:
Then Theres a new place called The Track ITS AWESOME!!!
Heres a inside pic:
And sync was there to:
And Theres A New Car Thats For non-members:
And Next Theres A New Newspaper:
Click Latest News To Take The Mod Quiz:
You Might be like me im like Torgo!!!
Next Theres New Items:
Hope You Like Them:
Ambassador Richcooldude

My dog saying a funny story!

Hello cazmos,

As you know from previous posts I have a dog with the name Romeo, and I was looking in my pictures for a nice desktop background of my pc and i found one picture of my dog and i thought to make it to talk and so i found a program i brought it and i upload the video with the picture i made  in youtube. Enjoy it and please rate it if your a youtube member 🙂

Also my other site my random, is having a big update and in 2 weeks will be ready, so keep visiting it i have many cool things in it:

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร