Cadets & New Clothes & New Hat!

Check this out cazmos, The Cadets are here. But it’s kinda weird I thought there are going to be St. Patricks Day stuff … Maybe only in the St. Patricks Day. So let’s back to the new Updates, the Cadets came, and new items.

Here is how to become a Planet Cazmo Cadet:
Step 1. You need to be more then 30 days in
the game, and know all about Cazmo.
Step 2. Go to the news and click on “Take the Cadet Quit!”
Step 3. If you answered all the questions correct you
become a Planet Cazmo Cadet.

As a Planet Cazmo Cadet your getting a badge and uniform
(Also a Cadet phone but still not here.)


New clothes at the clothing shop, and a new hat in the hair and hats shop.

newc newc2

If you need any help with the Cadet Quiz or any thing else,
Just comment, Beta Omer.