New css style and tell me if you like it

Hello cazmos,

First I want to say for those they are viewing my other site the big update i said to you that is coming soon it will be ready in 1 week from now, i made some changes but there are and a lot more i must do, if you want check it out.

Ok now about this blog i changed the css style and i put a new one, vote at the poll below and tell me how much you rate the css style:

Also there is a new cazmo of the week,

The 28th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………Antea

So If you see her say: Congratz Antea for being the 28th cazmo of the week!


thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

Sick New Updates!!

Hello Cazmos!!!

Today There were Sick New Updates…

Lets Start off with when it said updates r coming:

Now Lets Start With The Strip which is now called the Cruizitron City:
Then Theres a new place called The Track ITS AWESOME!!!
Heres a inside pic:
And sync was there to:
And Theres A New Car Thats For non-members:
And Next Theres A New Newspaper:
Click Latest News To Take The Mod Quiz:
You Might be like me im like Torgo!!!
Next Theres New Items:
Hope You Like Them:
Ambassador Richcooldude

My dog saying a funny story!

Hello cazmos,

As you know from previous posts I have a dog with the name Romeo, and I was looking in my pictures for a nice desktop background of my pc and i found one picture of my dog and i thought to make it to talk and so i found a program i brought it and i upload the video with the picture i made  in youtube. Enjoy it and please rate it if your a youtube member 🙂

Also my other site my random, is having a big update and in 2 weeks will be ready, so keep visiting it i have many cool things in it:

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร


Hello i am Ambassador Richcooldude!!!!

I am glad to be working on this wonderful site!!!

I also have a site called visit it and please comment!


Ambassador Richcooldude

New Cazmo Of the Week

Hello cazmos,

The 27th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………onlyflygurl

So If you see her say: Congratz onlyflygurl for being the 27th cazmo of the week!


Also a new video is coming in my channel so waddle on!

thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

The Script Concert!

Hey guys, I was at the first concert today of The Script band on Planet Cazmo, that was so awesome! I was recording one of the songs they played at the concert ( The man who can’t be moved. ) Its Uploading it now on YouTube so when it will be on ill put the video here. All the cazmos who were there were so exiting to see them on the stage!

Hope you like it, if you have a YouTube please Rate and Subscribe.
More videos you can find in my Channel.
~ PCAP Beta Omer

New Things!

Hey cazmos there are some new things in our planet! Ok so let’s start. We saved the afros! YEP THAT’S RIGHT. Planet Cazmo listend to us.Well I wont tell you all the new stuff here check down here to see the new things xD

Planet Cazmo returned alot of Rare Stuff, The Purple Beach background and the Tiger Tamer skateborad.

newthings2 newthings1

Cadet Phone has arrive, it is looking very cool and awesome, only Planet Cazmo Cadets can have that phone.


Its the Sanals day in Planet Cazmo, New Sanals at the store, three for Cazmo Coins and two for Cazmo Cash.


I think that’s it for now, if i forgot something tell me please.
~ PCAP Beta Omer

St. Patricks Day!

Hello everyone, St. Patricks Day arrive in Planet Cazmo!
Check out the new theme in Town Square, Swwweet.


Also, This week on Planet Cazmo The Script in concert March 21,2009 12:00- 9:00 EST (16:00-1:00 GMT) at the Cazmo Arean.


Maybe more things coming soon, check back here later.
~ PCAP Beta Omer

New music video!

Hey cazmos, i made another music video, hope you like it.
The song calld – “Gives You Hell” by The All American Rejects.

Hope you like it, if you have a YouTube please Rate and Subscribe.
More videos you can find in my Channel.
~ PCAP Beta Omer

Cadets & New Clothes & New Hat!

Check this out cazmos, The Cadets are here. But it’s kinda weird I thought there are going to be St. Patricks Day stuff … Maybe only in the St. Patricks Day. So let’s back to the new Updates, the Cadets came, and new items.

Here is how to become a Planet Cazmo Cadet:
Step 1. You need to be more then 30 days in
the game, and know all about Cazmo.
Step 2. Go to the news and click on “Take the Cadet Quit!”
Step 3. If you answered all the questions correct you
become a Planet Cazmo Cadet.

As a Planet Cazmo Cadet your getting a badge and uniform
(Also a Cadet phone but still not here.)


New clothes at the clothing shop, and a new hat in the hair and hats shop.

newc newc2

If you need any help with the Cadet Quiz or any thing else,
Just comment, Beta Omer.