Hello ambassadors, Spiros is here

I had thought to quit the game for ever but i won’t do it and some of you, you saw the post in my site but i want to say I AM NOT QUITING.

The only reason that make me want to quit is that i dont have time to post on the site cause of too much homework and other hobbies.


I want some good editors to posting in the site because we want to make betacazmo a team of good editors so the site can still be as helpful as before. I have made and a fault the old team had 5 people and only the 2 were working(Tampos and Beta omer) the others they only puplished 2 posts( CRAB AND NADO)

How you sing up in the BETACAZMO TEAM?

Very easy, you send a short email to The email must say:

  • Name [etc: Spiros]
  • The email you use for your wordpress acount

I will choose 5 or 7 cazmos and there will be added as an editors in the blog. The betacazmo team will RELEASE IN 1 WEEK, so start sending emails from now!

New Cazmo Of the Week


Hey guys, today is new cazmo of the week.


Following post is by soccer for something different.

I have made something really cool. I made a planet cazmo directory. This site will help every cazmo blog get hits and get noticed. You must have alot of questions. I’ll explain the best I can.
It’s a very basic site, but it should work. What you do is you visit the sign up page, and click all the links that are already there. I have a way in the dashboards to see if people are clicking the links or not. If they do, I can see, and they will be added to the directory.
The more members, the more hits everyone will get. It will help smaller cazmo blogs get noticed.
I am also making a page where I can put your banners, so that page will be a visual directory.
Each day come and click the links and banners to visit the sites, and the other cazmos will do the same.
If enough people sign up, everyone could get alot of hits. This is a wordpress blog, and rather simple design. It’s in beta, so I’m still testing everything.
Please visit
I know you still have alot of questions.
Visit the site and comment on the about page if you have any questions.
Comment here as well.

-Tampos, Planet Cazmo Cheats Boy.


Planet Cazmo Mimo Quest Guide

Hey Cazmos. Tampos here. Here is a guide to the mimo quest. The following post is by Soccer


By Soccer

1. To Start the quest, go to the cazmo club area and talk to the bull standing out side of it. Click on the blue ball to get started with the quest.

2. Next, He will ask you to find 2 items.


( Located at the Lake)


Energy Drink

( Located at the play ground)


3. After finding these 2 items, report back to the bull located out side the cazmo club. He will be very happy, and will reward you with “star tee shirt.”

Your not done yet!

4. The bull will ask you to find 4 more items.

The Cat

(Located at the Body Shop near the top)


The Gold Zib

(Located at the Top Left Corner of the space port)


The Cell Phone

(Located out side the garage)


5.  Report Back to The Bull. He will be even more excited, and will give you the “mimo hat.”

CONGRADULATIONS! If you followed this guide then you should have complete the planet cazmo mimo quest  and received the two special items.


1.  If you completed the quest, and don’t know where the items are, they are right in your inventory.

The Star Shirt should be at the top of the clothing inventory

The Mimo Hat should be somewhere near the top of the hat inventory.

2. How to get the Items: If you have trouble getting them in to your quest item inventory, you need to walk through the item completely , or else you won’t get it. If you only click on the item, you won’t get it.

3.  The Mimo Party is in server beatstreat, at the bottom right tile where alot of people are.

If You have any other questions, comment below!

More Planet Cazmo Quest Guides coming soon!


-Tampos, Planet Cazmo Cheats boy.

Note: If you playing Club Penguin visit my ither site

Planet Cazmo Valentine’s Party!

Message for spiros: re varme admin tr enna sazo to blog  je to traffic afou efies esi. entometa3i giati me evales author?

Hey Cazmos, becouse my friend spiros is quite from Planet Cazmo i am here fore posting everyday. Planet Cazmo Valentine’s Party is here, this party it was secred so cool isn’t it? Ok now i will show you some pics how the rooms look like!




Now let’s start with the best Planet Cazmo Valentine’s Party cheats.

To send your love in other cazmo go to action and click on Throw Arrow and then click in a cazmo.


To send a gift click in a cazmo and have a gift icon and click in it then choose a gift.



That is all, i think i will post more cheats later.

-Tampos, Planet Cazmo Cheats boy.


Hello cazmos,

Maybe this will make you angy with me but please read it because it is very important and to you and to your heath!!!!

I  have many school homework to read and to study them so I can’t be able to lose my time on online games.  Sorry planetcazmo for saying this but it’s the true, therefore I kindly request you not to remove me from ambassador or banned my cazmo because when I have spare time I will log in and i will play the game. SO TAMPOS, CRAB, NADO AND BETA OMER THIS SITE IS YOUR NOW START POSTING!!!(some workers were angry and jelaus with me and the other workers so i will add you all as author)


– ร ק เ г ๏ ร

New Cazmo Of the Week

Hello cazmos,

The 17th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………suppermario100

So If you see him say:Congratz supermario100 for being the 23th cazmo of the week!


thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร

New Music Video!

Hey Guys,

I made a new sweet music video for Valentine!

Hope you like it, if you have a YouTube please Rate and Subscribe.

More videos you can find in my Channel.