Planet Cazmo Updates!!!

Hello cazmos,

The new updates are here!!!!They include the membership,a cool suit that is called space explorer suit which is only for members,a new building the cazmo theater in the neighborhood which is coming soon,3 new buttons in the account list the become a member, new general settings, and the view my referals button and also cazmo pets are coming soon!

Lets start with the membership:

Membership Benefits:

– Receive a Monthly Allowance of Cash and Coins!

You will earn 1000 Cazmo Coins and 100 Cazmo Cash ($5 USD worth) allowance each month to spend on clothes, house decorations and more!


– Get Huge Cazmo Store Discounts!! (50% Off!)

Receive 50% discount on all Cazmo Cash and Coin items including posters for your rooms, furniture for your house, clothes, skateboards, spaceships and more!


– New Homes!

Planet Cazmo members can purchase one of the exciting new houses recently released. Go to “house decorate” mode to purchase!


– Music Instruments! Jam on it!

Planet Cazmo members will be able to show off their musical talents with instruments such as guitars, drums and trumpets!

-Planet Cazmo Pets!

Soon, Planet Cazmo palyers will be able to purchase pets. The out-of-this-world pets will follow your Cazmo around wherever they go.


– Special NEW Locations!!!!!

New areas on Planet Cazmo will only be available to members including an underwater world!

– Special NEW Clothes!!!!!!

New clothes will be available for members only.


The cost of memberships will be:




When you get a membership you get a space explorer suit like this:


The new building the cazmo theater in the neighborhood which is coming soon:


The 3 new buttons in the account list:


thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร


  1. cool news

  2. ahh the memberships are too much money! I cant buy them 😦

  3. I will buy a membership for 6 months in christmas. thank you for the news, your site is the best!

  4. this update has nothing for me

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