4 new funny pictures

Hello cazmos,

These 2 days I was thinking ideas to make funny pictures, and I had some really good ideas so I made 5 funny pictures today. Here are my 5 new funny pictures:

What a big fish??????


ahh! I am falling down!


a funny picture of me and millionare, enjoy it!


read carefully and learn how cazmo hotdog is made:


I hope you like them 😀 Comment and tell me if you liked them or not!

thats all for now, see you in planetcazmo

Your friend ร ק เ г ๏ ร


  1. LOL, the naked 1 is the funniest!

  2. OMG LOL!

  3. cool!!!! 2ND ONE FUNNIEST XP

  4. lol

  5. whos the naked girl?

  6. Because many cazmos they asking me how I made the second picture, I will tell you how. All started when I opened the cazmo of the week and it was a glitch and the cazmo of the week was naked. I took a picture of it and then I thinked to turned it into a funny picture, so I puted hair,and I costomized it in photoshop.

  7. i am sorry to say the naked girl was me my identity has came out

  8. Guys please add me on your blogroll i already did that!

  9. My site is http://www.arctic89boompc.wordpress.com -plz someone add me and if i notice that you did i will too plzz

  10. no mike it wasnt you, because the cazmo of the week is a girl, your a girl lol?

  11. Spyros, I don’t think that second pic is appropriate for little kids that view this site.


  12. That second picture, of the naked woman could attract bad people to Planet Cazmo. I don’t think you should have that on this site, especially one that younger children view.

  13. should I will remove it?

  14. You must remove it! Bad post!

  15. ok I removed the second one, now there are only 4 funny pictures in the post

  16. aw i missed the second one, cant you put it back on?

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