Chicken Factory X Factor

Hello guys tampos there, today i find a funny video for x factor:

PCS contest

Hello cazmos , Spiros is here

I have cool news! 50 cazmos joined my team PCS and now I will make a contest to thank all the cazmos who joined my team and give a chance to cazmos to win some cool pirzes by commeting!

This PCS contest is a contest for who ever comments the most.In order to win, you have to be the top commenter. Only your comments on this post will count.You can’t advertise, or spam or do stuff like that in your comment.

The prizes:

  • 5000 cazmo coins
  • author for this site for 2 months(Only If you know how to use wordpress and you have a pc site)
  • a new music swf (you can download it and listen it to it when your not log in planetcazmo)
  • the new cazmo arena swf

The contest will finish on 28/10/2008

New cazmo of the week

Hello cazmos, tampos there!!!!

The 12th cazmo of the week picked by Planet Cazmo is……………Twister

So If you see her say:Congratz Twister for being the 12th cazmo of the week!

That is all.