Hello guys tampos here i have some pics from my party:

Some Cazmos who is came:

That is all for now tommorrow i think i can have a video for our party.

Enjoy the Planet Cazmo now tommorow you can understand  something and you can say ”is very late” lol anyway bye.

(Spesial thanks to Planet Cazmo)

Halloween Party!

Halloween is almost here, and its coming to Cazmo … for ….


Costume Shop

Check out some of the costumes you will be able to buy in the new Costume Shop!



New Stuff!

Here is sample list of some of the new features that went live last week:

  • Allposters integration  – oh yeah!
  • Vehicles – magic carpets, scooters, unicycles, etc
  • Fitness Center  – workout, make coin!
  • Beach Activities, including Volleyball!
  • Refer-A-Friend, win 200 coins when they sign up!
  • Easier sign-up with 24 hour activation
  • Clique Girlz Game!

Allposters.com room

New Music in Cazmo!!

Have you checked out the music player lately? There is a ton of new music in Cazmo which we have tapped into from across the galaxy!

Send us your requests for music and we will add them to Cazmo!

Until then, Rock On!