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Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooo guys, tampos here.

Today i made new page for new pirate qust. For go to new page click here.


Quest Guide!

Hello Cazmo’s!

Its Nado and Im here with the full guide off the NEW quest!

Quest:Pirate Quest

  • To start of talk to the shark!

Location “Towelz” Down Right!

Pirate Flag:
Location “Pump It” Down Left!

Location “Sun Island” Right!

Pirate Hat:
Location “Cazmo Ball” Beside the volley ball court!

Treasure Chest:
Location “Statue Island” Middle!

Location “Dock 1″ UP + beside rock!

Location “Blue Hut” Up-Right!

Gold Coins:
Location “Ice Hut” Down Right!

Location “Splat Hut” Down Right!

After that go back and talk to Sharky and he will tell you to fird Pirate Pete:


Pirate Pete:
Location “Dock 2″

The Reward!

A close up Pic of Pete,just to let you know who he is!

Until then…

See you around!

~Nado~ 😆

New swfs are coming in a few days…

Hello cazmos,

New swfs are coming in a few days.The swfs that are coming are outer space ,beach, music and the new game fishing game

Keep visiting the site and lots of updates are coming for the PCS page!!!