weird glitch

look i found out a  glitch the pirate item in the quest is bigger i think you click the  items or streach it out and it will look like this if you need help check out my help guide in my website


New cool updates!

Hello guys, Tampos here!

First for all the first page:

New Log in page:

The server are update.

Clique Girlz House:

New emotes:

The new room Beach is open.

If you click on the Beach you can see this map:

That is all for this time i am post soon for new finding cheats. And guys please help me for get 10 comments.


come to my birthday party

when:august 31st

where:new place the beach at the green hut

time:3:15 noon australia victoria time

why: its my birthday

everyone can come!

look for the green hut