Ill be helping Tampos & Spiros

Hi it is me LAZER.Some of ya’ll might know my site I won the 10,000 hits contest so im going to be an editor at this site now.Well that is it pretty much.Cya


Filitza is LUIGI ROCKS!

Filitza isnt the alien who have the abducted cazmos! He is only a cazmo that he wants to be famous!!!!And do you know who is this Filitza????????Filitza is Luigi Rocks…….

Thanks crab and romani for telling me that filitza is luigi rocks!

If he tells you that he is an alien and he have the abducted cazmos just don’t believe him , and if you want ignore him

Here is the fake alien:

Thats all for now

Cya in planetcazmo!

contest resaults

Hello guys the contest is closed, and the winner i of the 10,000 viwers contest is…………………LAZER and Penguevr!

The first place goes to LAZER(editor on this site for 6 months)

The second place goes to Penguevr(author on this site for 6 months)