I found 1 alien

Today I found 1 alien who have the abducters cazmos

The alien is Fillza who told me that they caught 2 cazmos in their spaceship and now they are holding the abducted cazmos in their UFO!!!!!

Also there is what we chat in trade:

[Spiros] hello
[Fillza] hi Spiros
[Spiros] how much abdused cazmos are you?
[Fillza] Lolz
[Fillza] we didnt abduct
[Spiros] I saw you and another one
[Spiros] k
[Fillza] We Just Saw A Girl In One Of Our Ships
[Spiros] joke
[Spiros] nc joke
[Fillza] We Already Delivered Her To Your Planet
[Spiros] cyprus planet?
[Fillza] No
[Fillza] Glubops Planet
[Spiros] hm nice planet
[Spiros] I am cyprus
[Spiros] I mean , I am from cyprus
[Fillza] But Now We Are Stuck in here
[Spiros] Thats why I said before
[Spiros] cyprus planet
[Spiros] hehehe
[Fillza] Haha You Funny Human
[Spiros] I know
[Fillza] …
[Fillza] Fillza Bored
[Spiros] me too

Here is the picture I got when he was sitting next to me

Also this alien(Fillza) told me that all the aliens are five!I will find them all very soon so NO FEAR SPIROS IS HERE