New Contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello cazmos,

This contest is a contest for who ever comments the most.Their will be special prizes for the winner. In order to win, you have to be the top commenter. Only your comments on this post will count. All your comments will go into moderation, so don’t worry if they don’t appear. You can’t count or advertisie, or do stuff like that in your comment.

The prizes are 2:

  1. Editor for six moths (if you are good editor you can be forever)
  2. Author for six moths (if you are good author you can be forever)

The contest will finish on 20/08/2008


  1. awesome!!! an author/editor contest!!! that would be awesome if i won. #1

  2. Hey. I like ur new site design,.the css looks cool.

    Spiros:Thank you 😉

  3. 1


  4. Nice site


  5. Can i count?


  6. I will count i guess


  7. 2


  8. 3


  9. 4


  10. 5


  11. Im going to stop fr now and come back later.


  12. 1

  13. 2

  14. 3

  15. ill try

  16. ok here it goes

  17. this is lazer by the way

  18. lalalala

  19. eats burger

  20. eats fries

  21. eats salad

  22. still here

  23. boring

  24. almost there

  25. NOT

  26. ill sing a song

  27. jingle bells jingle bells

  28. hmm what to do

  29. i think ill go to 50

  30. Im having fun

  31. in a way….

  32. this could be a while

  33. I wont quit

  34. I’ll stay

  35. cool site by the way

  36. I LIKE PIE!!!!!


  38. NOT DONE YET….

  39. i like pizza

  40. rada rada rada

  41. i like dogs

  42. cats

  43. fish

  44. and tons of animals

  45. i hope I win

  46. Did i mention i like coke

  47. and basketball too

  48. im going to leave soon

  49. i like cereal too

  50. im gonna go now bye!

  51. ummmm spiors y can t i copy the link to the cazmo games

  52. ok am giving this a try for the contest

  53. here comes penguevr contest!

  54. laaaa laaaa ummmm where were we

  55. oh right the contest

  56. umm can someone plz sign u for my new site

  57. lalala i love dessurt who will hate dessurt

  58. lol

  59. am going

  60. i not give up i never give up ll be back contest after i have my sleep

  61. keep it up

  62. I wasnt login before

  63. am back contest

  64. y cant we count

  65. am going to eat dinner ll be back contest

  66. come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. comment more more!

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