Planetcazmo in MPOG game’s list

Hello cazmos,

I register to a games company and I added planetcazmo to their games list!!!

If you want to see planetcazmo in this list visit:

Please rate it 10(good) ,because If too many people rate it , planetcazmo will be more famous!


Back to school with Planet Cazmo……

Hello guys, Tampos here.

Back to school with Planet Cazmo…… (updates)


Torgo Abducted!

This video is from official planetcazmo youtube channel!The video is about the aliens who have the abducted Torgo.Beware Cazmonians! The aliens are coming and you dont want to end up like our old friend Torgo 😥


PCS page updated

Hello cazmos,

I updated the PCS page, If your a member of PCS take a look at PCS page!!! I added in the page the beach swf,the 4 space swfs and new music swfs.

The PCS have 22 members!We want more members…join now!

If your not a member of PCS and you want to join all these swfs CLICK ON THE PICTURE:

New header

Hello cazmos,

I made a new header, please rate it:


New Ambassador!!

Hello Cazmo’s Its Nado!

YAY! Im a new ambassador along with Kokeeto and Goopergoop so I Thank everyone for there support and I am still waiting for my Official Ambassador Seal!

This Picture is from

Until then…

Keep Cazmo growing!

Beta hat glitch?

This post made by SOS:

Hellooo, i found a new glitch! Check out the picture below!

Cool eh!?

Check it out for yourself! – SOS