Cool New Updates!

Hello guys, tampos here!

As of last night, tons of new things are live! Here is a quick run down:

  • Mayor Cazmo’s Magical Mystery Quest – our first quest! Play it to the end and win a special prize!
  • Player Cards! – expand the player card and shop for a cool background!
  • New House Furniture – tons of it! And it’s SLICK!
  • Account Settings – block trade and buddy requests!

Planet Cazmo

“Spread the World!”

For first loading sign have a new look.

New toolbar with more……

New card with shops.

There is a room for Philippe and Pierre.

Now you can find your budies.

New cool backgrounds.

New skateboards.

New houses items.

I am post soon for new newspaper!!

That is all for now.


  1. cool post tampos, but u forgot a few things lol, the quests are a major part of the updates u might want to add them, ive made walkthroughs on my site


  2. nice post ~cole~

  3. ok

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