Happy BIRTHDAY Carrotz!

Hello Cazmo’s!

Just to remind you tommorow is Carrotz BIRTHDAY Thursday July 31st,so happy birthday Carrotz,I hope you get the gift you want like I don’t Lol,and everyone actually… anyone Lol if you see Carrotz just say Happy Birthday,If you think im his brother im not im nothing relative to him I just want to say happy birthday.

Heres a picture to say Happy Birthday.

Also I think the beach would be opening next week @ Saturday,Im not sure just a prediction!

Until then…

Waddle On!


Actions glitch

There is a new glitch!ACTIONS GLITCH!

How to budside?

Open your actions and click somewhere to go,then imediatley press sit, while walking.

How to flying?

Open your actions and and click somewhere to go,then imediatley press sit, and then wave , while walking.

How to feetsliding?

Open your actions and and click somewhere to go,then imediatley press sit,and then spin, while walking.

Thats all for now

Cya , Spiros

My accounts S P I R O S , $pyro$ are unbanned!

Hello today I check if my accounts still banned and while i was checking I saw that S P I R O S and $pyro$ are unbanned 🙂 My other accounts still banned , I hope planetcazmo unbanned all my accounts one day!

New Page

Hello guys i made new page with new mascot in planet cazmo Filippe and Pierre click here

That is all.

Miniclip Project! (IMPORTANT!)


Hello PCIP Team! The Miniclip Project is fully launched! If you don’t know what the Miniclip Project is, click Here!

Anyways, we NEED to start helping Planet Cazmo as official Beta Testers! We could make Planet Cazmo’s future better if we can do things like this! I want everyone to spread the word about this! Copy the post ( Here ) and paste it onto your blog/site. This is very important, so please spread the word about the Miniclip Project!

Also, YOU can start your OWN project by finding another game site and doing what I did!

Cool New Updates!

Hello guys, tampos here!

As of last night, tons of new things are live! Here is a quick run down:

  • Mayor Cazmo’s Magical Mystery Quest – our first quest! Play it to the end and win a special prize!
  • Player Cards! – expand the player card and shop for a cool background!
  • New House Furniture – tons of it! And it’s SLICK!
  • Account Settings – block trade and buddy requests!

Planet Cazmo

“Spread the World!”

For first loading sign have a new look.

New toolbar with more……

New card with shops.

There is a room for Philippe and Pierre.

Now you can find your budies.

New cool backgrounds.

New skateboards.

New houses items.

I am post soon for new newspaper!!

That is all for now.