Ambassador Program is closed

Hello cazmos, Tampos here!

I send e-mail to planet Planet Cazmo and i said:

Dear Planet Cazmo
Can i be member of the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program?


Answer from Planet Cazmo is this:

With regret. Phase 1 of PC Ambassador Program is closed.

Cazmo Monitoring Systems are always observing Cazmo activity on the Internets.

If you are active with a blog or social web site the Cazmo Monitoring System will i.d. you for future invitations.

Your personal note initiated a memo to our officers. During Phase 2 of PC Ambassador Program you will be notified.

That is all.


Hello Cazmo’s!

Today when I was on planetcazmo,I was looking for glitches to report planetcazmo and when I went to the playground look what happend pretty wierd.The screen went at the top,when my cazmo was at the swings,swinging lol.The screen was moving and not my cazmo it was pretty frightning because It looked like im I was the screen not the cazmo =] if you dont believe me then look at this picture.

Also,if you didn’t know that I also have a planetcazmo site then this is my planetcazmo site be sure to visit it and also advertise it. Thanks!

Until Then…

Waddle On!


4 New servers + New skateboard + New funiture

New furniture!

Also cazmos, planetcazmo added 4 new servers:

  • Planet Rock
  • Be-elizebop
  • Bambatta
  • Megamix

And for the end a new skateboard is out: KOL board($150).I think is the best skateboard in planet cazmo.

That is all for now.


Cazmo Ambassador Program Launches

Greeting Cazmonauts:

We have launched a new “Cazmo Ambassador Program” for special Cazmonauts who have websites driving high amounts of traffic to Cazmo.

Ambassador Seal Example

A note to those wanting to be “Mods” or help keep Cazmo safe: This is NOT the highly anticipated “Moderator Program” that many of you have been waiting for and asked about. While some responsibilities overlap (i.e. keeping Cazmo safe), these positions are different. We appreciate everyone’s help in “Spreading The World!” about Cazmo and we will continue to add people to this program as it makes sense. But have no fear, our mod program (official name to be announced) is coming, but its still at least a month away as we work hard to add  new locations, games and features to Cazmo!

I am a member of the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program (P-CAP)+new rooms

Chief Ambassador sent me an email to say to me that I am a member of the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program and he gave me a picture that I am member of Ambassador program.

Here is the picture:

Ambassador sent me and 3 pictures with the email. The first picture show the smellulater which coming , the second picture show the fitness center which coming soon and the third picture show the Diner room.

Here are the pictures of the new rooms:

That’s all for now

Cya Spiros

Cazmo Ambassador Program

Hello everyone,

On 18/05/2008 I relieved an e-mail from Planet Cazmo:

DATE: 18 May 08

TO: Spiros and Team

FROM: Department of State, Office of the Chief Ambassador, Planet Cazmo

Re: Cazmo Ambassador Program


I have been pleased to read reports by agents from Planet Cazmo’s State Department who closely monitor worldwide activities related to Planet Cazmo. My agents have informed me that you are among a group of elite residents of Planet Cazmo wielding considerable influence among your peers, and respected as an authority and source of valued information.

We wish to support your efforts on behalf of Planet Cazmo by providing you with State secrets for your distribution among your community.

We are pleased to invite you into the newly formed by invitation-only Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program (P-CAP). As a member of this elite operating unit we will offer you the following:

An official P-CAP seal with your unique Ambassador Code that you can publish on your own Web pages. Visitors to your site(s) will come to recognize that you are a source of insider information

Access to secret news and information about Planet Cazmo before it is announced

Authority to share information we send you with visitors to your site(s) before we make official announcements

The P-CAP seal will be displayed on you in-world card

Opportunities to interview Planet Cazmo Mods and the possibility of a future interview with the Planet Cazmo Prime Minister

Access to exclusive content (clothes, homes, spaceships, etc.) within Planet Cazmo that will identify you as a member of the P-CAP program

A chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Best Buy – awarded to the Ambassador whose Web site sends the most visitors to Planet Cazmo during the period of May 20, 2008 to June 30, 2008

As an official ambassador you will agree to

Share accurate information about Planet Cazmo with your communities

Recruit new Planet Cazmo users

Monitor Planet Cazmo for inappropriate activity and report to us when you observe it

Provide help to new users when you are in-world (we’re about to launch a new program with AOL that will result in many new users arriving soon)

File reports to us with your requests and suggestions to improve the Planet

My office is reaching out to less than 20 Cazmo residents. Congratulations on being selected to join this invitation-only program.

If you wish to join the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program, please respond with the Cazmo account name you wish to use, and the addresses of the Web site you will establish as your official embassy. Upon receipt of your acceptance we will issue your custom Ambassador Programseal, and will file our first report to you with information about many new features that are coming soon.

My agents have done an excellent job identifying agents, and the first few have already accepted. Please let me know if you would like to recommend someone else.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Chief Ambassador
Planet Cazmo

After I replied to them I received this e-mail.

Agent $piro$ –

We are pleased that you have accepted our invitation to join this important mission. As a member of the Planet Cazmo Ambassador Program (P-CAP) we invite and encourage you to do the thing you have done so well – tell the world about Cazmo, and help us improve the Planet.

You will be a source of insider information about new developments at Planet Cazmo. Therefore, you are welcome to tell your community of readers on your site, and on the Web, about your membership in this elite program.

Please find your seal attached to this email. You can re-size it as you need to for your site. You can use the Seal and your unique PCAP Number when you post messages, for example in your Signature. Feel free to share information anywhere on the Web where you may be talking about Planet Cazmo and online gaming. As part of the program we’ll be sending you information about new features before we announce them to the public. We encourage you to give us feedback, and spread the word.

The rules when you use the Seal are don’t lie and don’t treat people rudely when you’re acting on behalf of PCAP.

Also, please note, our recommendation is that you do not publish our complete memos to you.  As part of this program you can choose the information you want to share with your community – do it in your words rather than pasting our memos. Thank you. But feel free to share pictures and videos we may distribute!

We have noted that your account name in Planet Cazmo is Spiros. Is this the PC account you want to assign as your Ambassador account.

Remember – you have a chance to win a $100 gift card to Best Buy if your site,, sends the most visitors to Planet Cazmo between now and June 30. Our goal is to introduce Cazmo to new visitors. We will be measuring both total visits and new registrations from your site. Or, think about activities you can host inside Planet Cazmo, then invite the world!  – for example, the Pink Party was killer!

Please note that if you are under the age of 13 then we will need to get parental/guardian permission for you to participate in this program.

If you are under 13 please send the email address for your parent or guardian, or give them our address:

We look forward to sending you our first brief with information about new features coming to Planet Cazmo.

Thank you,

Chief Ambassador

Planet Cazmo

BCT army

Hello everyone ,

Today I made an army.I called it BCT army. If you join BCT you are able to join BCT army , but If you aren’t join BCT you aren’t able to join BCT army because you want a password.We want more people join BCT . COME ON , GET MORE PEOPLE TO JOIN. When you joined I will send you an e-mail to send you what swf you want to get and i will tell you the password for the page BCT army.

If you are a member of BCT click here for the army

That’s all for now!

Cya Spiros