Mod Bigdawg

Hello Cazmo’s!

Planet Cazmo have already rolled right into may,and I wanted to let you know about a few very exciting things happening next month.Here are the few things Bigdawg told me,you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

  • New Hair
  • Clothes
  • Spaceships

“All coming VERY soon” said Bigdawg.

Also,I think the Mod Program Will be something do to with Helping New People,I would love to hear what you think abuot the “Mod Program”! 

Until Then…

See you around!


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Hello Cazmos. As many of you know, Kol has partnered with planet cazmo. Kol is advertising Planet Cazmo. When you click the link on the kol site, it brings you to planet cazmo with a kol symbol on it. The only way to see is if you go to Thats all for now.  Also see the 2 posts below this one.

That is all.