Planet Cazmo LIVE on AOL!

Hello Cazmo’s Nado here!

Post Made By Planetcazmo!

To be officially announced later this week, Planet Cazmo is now live on the AOL kids site,!

Some of you may already have noticed the new KOL assets in Cazmo and more are coming, as seen here:

We hope our existing users will welcome the new players from AOL and show them the ropes! A lot more is coming in the next couple weeks!

Until then…

Waddle On!


Bct page password removed

hello cazmos,

Now you can see the page BCT army without a password. Check it now!!! I want more people to join the army! Get more people to join this army. I have made three uniforms for boys and I am working on the girls uniforms now.

That’s all for now

Cya Spiros


Ambassador sent me an email and he said to me that:

New rooms are coming :The new Hair Salon and Hat Store. I havent take pictures of these rooms but I will ask Ambassador to send me some pictures of the rooms which coming.

Also planetcazmo made a banner.

Click here to see the banner!

He aslo said :You are a group of 15 – the chosen few, identified by our Cazmo Web Activity Monitoring System (CWAMS) as being the users responsible for the most Cazmo enthusiasm. Thank you! Phase 1 of the PCAP Invitation program is now closed to new members.

And a list of the Embassies that have sent the most visitors to Cazmo:


That’s all for now

Cya Spiros