Hello Cazmo’s!

Today when I was on planetcazmo,I was looking for glitches to report planetcazmo and when I went to the playground look what happend pretty wierd.The screen went at the top,when my cazmo was at the swings,swinging lol.The screen was moving and not my cazmo it was pretty frightning because It looked like im I was the screen not the cazmo =] if you dont believe me then look at this picture.

Also,if you didn’t know that I also have a planetcazmo site then this is my planetcazmo site be sure to visit it and also advertise it. Thanks!

Until Then…

Waddle On!


4 New servers + New skateboard + New funiture

New furniture!

Also cazmos, planetcazmo added 4 new servers:

  • Planet Rock
  • Be-elizebop
  • Bambatta
  • Megamix

And for the end a new skateboard is out: KOL board($150).I think is the best skateboard in planet cazmo.

That is all for now.