Trade cheat

A new cheat is coming out .Who found it: Shocker5816 found this cheat. How to do the cheat : Trade on 2 players card fast. If they players accept you can see the players in one trade. But only you can see it , other players can only see you.

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Cya Spiros

Ghosts in the body shop!

When I opened my map and went to body shop i saw ghosts and were geting out of their grave!!!!!!!Maybe planetcazmo added ghosts because body shop is for change our bodys , so ghosts are lost bodys i think…

I took a ghost photo :

I am the first who post about this!!!!!!!Nobody can say that I am not the first because I checked all the sites and nobody post about this and also my picture have time so if you say that your the first your lier!

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Cya Spiros


Planetcazmo updated the bar and the bar appilications(emotes , dancing,games,buddy, and my stuff list). Planetcazmo also added some counters on the map to show to us how many people are in the downtown.Space port is coming soon and tic tac you is closed , i thought when planetcazmo open it? Why planetcazmo didnt open it if you know why comment!

Here are some photos:

Planetcazmo new bar:

Planetcazmo emote’s list:

Planetcazmo new dancing list:

Planetcazmo new game’s list:

Planetcazmo new my buddy list:

Planetcazmo new my stuff list:

Space port coming soon:

I am the second who posted about these news.The first is Ernie.

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Cya Spiros


Hey guys!!! I’m glad your having fun on Spyros blog! I’m your new Author Ernie5816! If you see me on PC say hi. I’m gonna give you guys the best cheats, glitches, and news EVER! I alo have a blog. Click Here to go to it. Or you could just type in So keep checking back at this blog for hints and cheats. You’ll see me alot here!


09cole09 forums sign up now (and tamposs or SPIROS) read bottem

hey every one i made and paid for my forums please join sign up thanx click here to go to my foums 


p.s i am in my beta testing and i would be soo greatful if you would help me signing up and posting thanx


for tamposs and spiros would you like to be mods on my forums for the planet cazmos becuase i need some good people that i trust !!! i have been on tamposs site for ages then i quit bloggin for cp lol. and spiros is the only person who is mad about pc 😆 well comment on post to say if you would or not .

my new cazmo tampos beta

Hey guys

Today i mde new cazmo my new name is tampos beta . I lost my old cazmo becouse i lost my eamail and i forgot my pass.

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Post office openned + new room

Post office oppened , but you cant do nothing , only walking. I thought if planetcazmo update postoffice and you can go to the post office to send a messege to a buddy from your buddy list (like a card to tell your friend to go somewhere or to tell to your buddy that he/she have a cool house)If you like my idea comment and tell this idea to planetcazmo , for pc email click here

Also i found how to walk on post office walls! If you want to walk on the post office walls you must go to the top right corner if postoffice and then go straight ( click up) , you should be walking on the walls.

Some photos of post office:

There is a new room in the town square and you can go inside.In this room you can walk on the walls, but there is a provlem , you cant leave this room because there isn’t other way to go outside.If you want to go outside of this room you must open the map and click somewhere to go.

Here is some photos of the new room:

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Cya Spiros