my new cazmo tampos beta

Hey guys

Today i mde new cazmo my new name is tampos beta . I lost my old cazmo becouse i lost my eamail and i forgot my pass.

That is all for today.

Post office openned + new room

Post office oppened , but you cant do nothing , only walking. I thought if planetcazmo update postoffice and you can go to the post office to send a messege to a buddy from your buddy list (like a card to tell your friend to go somewhere or to tell to your buddy that he/she have a cool house)If you like my idea comment and tell this idea to planetcazmo , for pc email click here

Also i found how to walk on post office walls! If you want to walk on the post office walls you must go to the top right corner if postoffice and then go straight ( click up) , you should be walking on the walls.

Some photos of post office:

There is a new room in the town square and you can go inside.In this room you can walk on the walls, but there is a provlem , you cant leave this room because there isn’t other way to go outside.If you want to go outside of this room you must open the map and click somewhere to go.

Here is some photos of the new room:

Thats all for now

Cya Spiros