Planetcazmo Updates!

Hello Cazmo’s

You will be very very happy to hear that THERES A UPDATE! Finally after a long long time,thier lots of updates!

Firstly when ur going on planetcazmo the pic of the world is changed heres a pic!

Secondly the Spaceport is open.

Next is the lake,its open and u could swim in it,it looks pretty cool.

Now you could delete ur buddies,and theres a new layout of the buddy list.

Also there’s a new mod sign,it looks cool! =]

If there’s more stuff that I’ve missed then sorry hehe…

Waddle On!


new music

Hello guys today it is come new music song.Title:”I Should Have benn after you”.

New small contest you leave 5 comment you can add on my brogrol.

That is all.

New Admin Rocktroper/Nado

Hello Cazmo’s!

I’m a new admin here! My Planet Cazmo site is and my Club Penguin site is My Planet Cazmo username is Nado and I have other accounts they are Tux and Rolver and my Club Penguin username is Rocktroper a.k.a Flamster101 thats because Rocktroper is banned forever 😦  I’m glad to be able to work here and I’ll post about all sorts of new and cool things!



I know some of you have just joined planet cazmo,so here is a little guide to help you to learn more about planet cazmo.

There is currently a BETA Item! It will make you rare for when the full version is released.
To get your hands on the item go to the theature and click on the lizard.
He will ask you if you want the hat. Choose Yes! and he will give it to you. It wont tell you that you’ve got it. Just open up your stuff and put it on! Its a rare thing!
What happens if you use a rude word?
Well this is what happens. You get 3 warnings and after that you get a last message:
I think that maybe it will turn into banns.
Making Money:
Walk around as you put your cursor over some trees, they shake. Give them a few clicks and Money will fall out! Click the money and you get it!



Within the next few weeks, we will be Launching somthing EXTREMELY cool. Its gonna be a really fun place for you.
All I can say is that, you can become a BETA Tester on it!
If you want me to find out somthing for you,just ask me in a comment.

New Music is coming (and more!)

You have asked us for new music on Cazmo … and its coming …. today! Here is a list of songs to be added. Special thanks to Interscope/Geffen/A&M Records!

New Songs to be added ASAP:
Girlicious – Like Me
Charlotte Sometimes – Waves and the Both of Us
Shwayze – Buzzin
Kate Nash – Pumpkin Soup
Prima J – Nadie
Solange – I Decided
Lady Gaga – Just Dance
Tokio Hotel – Ready Set Go
Robyn – With Every Hearbeat
Rev Theory – Light It Up
From First To Last – Worlds Away
Black Tide – Shockwave
Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains The Same
Colby Odonis – What You Got (Feat. Akon)
Teyana Taylor – Google Me
Kate Voegle – Only Fooling Myself
Matt White – Best Days
R. City – Losin It
Kardinal Offishal – Dangerous
NLT – Karma
Ray Lavendar – Stay
One Republic – Say
Ashlee Simpson – Out My Head
Keyshia Cole – Heaven Sent
Snoop Dogg – Life of the Party
Lifehouse – Whatever It Takes
Rooney – I Should Have Been After You
Soulja Boy Tell’em – Yahh

Post made by planetcazmo

Should I make a contest ?

I thought to make a contest when i reach 5000 viewers. This contest is a contest for who ever comments the most.Their will be special prizes for the winner. In order to win, you have to be the top commenter. Only your comments on this post will count. All your comments will go into moderation, so don’t worry if they don’t appear. You can’t count, advertisie, or do stuff like that in your comment.

The prizes are:

  1. Contribitor on this site for 1 month
  2. On our blogroll for 3 weeks
  3. The robbot house or the pinwheel house

If you want to be this contest or you dont want to be this contest comment with YES or NO

Undefined glitch is back!!!

I was going inside clubcazmo . When the room loged, I saw on the couches and on the chairs the name undefined , but nobody was siting. I dont know how , but i am trying to find how to do this glitch. If anyone know how comment ❗

These are the photos that i took when i saw this:

new stuff

New stuff came out!

1)The tic tac yo is out !!!!!!!!!!! I was wating for this weeks 😆

2)New slide in playground

3) You can now sit on the top three ledjes of playground

4)You can sit on the clubcazmo’s couches and chairs at the clubcazmo bar , but you can not sit on the blue couche

this is one of the bar chairs inside clubcazmo

these are the couches

Thats all for now

Cya Spiros