New page

I made a new page. The new page is the ideas and suggestions.In this site you can comment all your ideas and suggestions about planetcazmo.When you commented i will see your comment and i will send an e-mail to planetcazmo to say your idea to make planetcazmo better.

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New newspaper

Hey guys!

today is come new newspaper with a nice news. So is here :

That is all for today.


i am back + one new

Hello guys!

Tampos is here lol. I am back from my holiday. Wait me a lot of work and post. For now i have one new my house (on planet cazmo) is idiot why? watch my new video and will understand.

watch 🙂 :

That is all for today bye

🙂 Tampos 🙂


Beta will be done in about September next year.They are targeting at about December this year BETA will be done in about but the said it would mostly like to be done in about september next year.
Cars have benn being drawed for about…seven months, cars will be realesed in about Augus.
Pc music:
Planetcazmo are gonna start making there own music in about jully but they have just started updating it again .They did it in december so the next target is pointing at may this year so new music will be here in May.
Docter frenkinstain:
He will not just be a body changer he will be in the garage and he will be realesed in about aprill to june.
The lake will be almost finished in October.
In Aprill there will be a big update to buddys it could be either Aprill or November.The buddys will be better and there will be about onethousand spaces for buddys.
New program:
Here will be a program called planetcazmo buddys make three its by planetcazmo! But it is not out yet it will be planet cazmo normall but when your buddys are offline you will be able to view there cards.
New game:
They are even working on a new game for June. There will be a game maraphon it will have all games in but they will have a slight twist they will be… HARDER!!!!
Warning: If you dont like something that will be make planetcazmo comment and i will tell them to fix it!
Thats all the news for now!
Cya Spiros


Garage update+new mailboxes

Garage now have a new look

here is the picture with the new look:


There is three mailboxes in the Neighborhood:

new-mailbox1.jpg new-mailbox2.jpgnew-mailbox3.jpg

That’s all for now

Cya Spiros

Highscore page

Check out the new page. This page is for my highscores of the planetcazmo games.If you have a better score than i get in a game comment in the page highscores.

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The new games came +new in the skateshop , neighborhood and in the theater

The games which came out :Cazmonaut and Alien Alchemist.







I noticed something in the theater , When i clicked it , asked me if I want to play Ninja skateboarding :


I noticed something in the neighborhood , When i clicked it , asked me if I want to play X-boardin:

I noticed something in the skateshop , When i clicked it , asked me if I want to play Golf World:

That’s all for now

Cya, Spiros.

Underfined glitch

Many cazmos want to learn why there are some underfined names on the swings or on the benches. I found out how to do this so dont worry why there are some underfined names.

How to do this glitch:

Log on the planetcazmo , then go somewhere which have benches or swings in the mall.Sit on the swings or on the benches.Open a new Internet tab and write in adress Log in with the same cazmo that you used before.On the first tab you will see Connection Lost Please Log In Again and click OK. Open the second tab go to there that you sit on the swings or on the benches. Now you can see underfined names on the swings or on the benches.You can do this many times.

by Spiros

new update

Hey tamposs here!New uptdate on house look:


Ok guys that is all for today!

🙂 Tampos 🙂

Invismble video

My invsimble video with my invismble cazmo SPIROS!